Monday, January 4, 2016

So Far the Plan is Working Beautifully...

Sometimes you have to ignore the source to get to the truth of the statement. While he's not the first guy who comes to mind in a character contest I have to credit Iron Mike for the unshakable veracity of this statement. Governor Cuomo, The Board of Regents and Mary Ellen Elia are all part of a plan to remove local control of public schools and liquidate them for the pleasure and profit of the already wealthy. At what point do they run into Mike Tyson's universal truth? 

When Cuomo bullied the Heavy Hearts of the legislature to fall in line with his anti teacher pogrom budget the moron running UFT/Unity Caucus thanked them for stabbing us in the back and declared it yet another of his victories. 

MaryEllen Elia was snuck into town under cover of dark and installed in the wee hours of the morning -- before anyone took the time to examine the mess she left in Hillsborough District and the 2 dead students on her watch -- NYSUT leader Karen Magoo told us she was "encouraged" by the appointment. 

The receivership leviathan is swallowing up Buffalo Public Schools like a Floridian sinkhole and Elia's handpicked stooge Kriner Cash is being given extra super human powers by her to trample and micturate upon any parts of the collective bargaining agreement he deems not to his liking. 

And as if this wasn't enough, the Friedrichs Case looms Sword of Damocles like over all of our public unions heads promising us a Right to Work for Less States of America. Our national union leadership quite unilaterally with the help of the bogus surveying and "polling of teachers" went ahead and threw national union endorsements to a candidate who promised to close thousands of schools just a week or so ago.

Are we there yet folks or are we waiting for NYSUT to energize us with a night at the hotel and some lessons on how to press our colleagues to donate more of their wages to VOTE COPE? As long as this flaccid, feeble wagon circling and hand wringing continues the people making our lives miserable have zero incentive to change course. If we as professionals were to take a lesson from Iron Mike and smack them right in the fucking mouth maybe we'd see a change in their posture. I'm not sure exactly how we go about that as professionals but I know January is a long month. By the end of it we really might need a little break of some kind. 


  1. Another Tweetstorm will fix 'em!

  2. If that doesn't do it hit them with an eblast and a nae nae video.