Friday, December 11, 2015

More Great News from Planet Weingarten!

Anyone confused as to whether the ESEA and/or Common Core Task Farce's "recommendations" are going to be good for teachers and kids needs to look no further than the preternatural posturing and corybantic discharge emanating from none other than the Judas Kissing assclown adjutant of AFT for life -- ed reformer, Randi Weingarten. You can pretty much gauge how badly we've been bent over -- yet again -- by the degree of celebratory slobber seen at the corners of said ed reformer's prevaricating piehole. The louder and longer she bloviates the more thorough the shellacking she's facilitated on the sensibly shod, holiday sweatered, dues paying pedagogues of America. 

I'm really in no mood to shovel all three tons of manure in the hope of finding a pony buried somewhere beneath it all. My hat is off to people who are able to see some light in all of this pitch but for now I am not really feeling all that willing to count myself among them. Cuomo's Task Farce did exactly what it was assembled to do: Nothing. They want to toss around some ed reform jargon and make some phoney admissions of excess testing, hint that maybe test scores of tests that are poorly written, age inappropriate and pocked with mistakes shouldn't be used for half of a teacher's evaluation. They'll hint that this may be true then go right ahead and use them just the same. And as for the testing, guess what kiddies, shut up and take your tests. Thanks for that fierce advocacy as a member of the Task Farce, Randi. I especially liked your selfies with Sam Radford III. 

And in a similar fashion the nonsense from the Feds is more of the same old bullshit using the states as its bitch to enforce all of the same old test and punish protocols while funneling billions into  already bulging ed reformer wallets. Apparently teachers can get rich quick with the help of Goldman Sachs by screwing special needs kids out of required services. And in a few years the microwave teacherpods of TFA are going to look like wizened vets of the smartboard jungle compared to what's going to pass for training "effective teachers" for the deprofession of public school teaching in 21st Century America. 

Yeah friends, New York State just stuck it to us and D.C. has done the same. Again. Instead of standing up for the kids who are going to lose special ed services so someone can make a buck, or for our profession that's going to be open to anyone who can power up an ipad, or the millions of kids who are going to be tested and punished or their teachers who will continue to be fired with voodoo science, ed reformer Randi Weingarten and the rest of our so called union leadership have once again thrown their loyalties to the enemies of public education, kids, teachers and parents. And once again we're being told about the imperfect world they seem to think none of us knows about and how we should all be glad they brought us the same old half of a turd sandwich. And if you've read this blog once you already know the good news that comes with it. We only have to eat half! 

When is that Friedrich's ruling coming again? I think I'm going to have to make an adjustment or two. As a savvy consumer I really have to get a better return on my investments than I'm seeing from AFT and friends.  

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