Friday, August 7, 2015

From a Cloud of Cheap Cologne and Failure, A Savior Emerges. Well Not Really But He'll Have to Do.

We Like to Call It Backbone.

Nowhere is the death of Democracy in America more obvious than in what remains of public education. I'm reminded of the story of the Boston ladies who, when asked where they get their hats, bristled and snipped "Oh we have our hats." Public education in America is none of your damned business and if it was you'd know everything you needed to know. 

Here in the Empire State we were recently force fed a new State Commissioner of Education who'd been bought out, bundled up and booted from one of the country's nethermost educational backwaters aka the state of Florida. She covered up the death of a student for months instead of probing it and sharing it with the public and making the necessary changes to keep it from happening again. So when it happened again and a second student died everyone learned about the first. Yeah there was that and claims that she created an environment of fear and bullying and intimidation. A federal discrimination suit was filed on behalf of minority kids. Parents created a FB page calling her Evilia and she was eventually brown parachuted with over a million in "go away" dollars. But none of this mattered or came to light because Meryl Tisch and her friends on the Board of Regents smuggled Mrs. Elia into Albany under cover of dark, held an early morning coronation before anyone could ask about any of that nastiness in the land of gators and skeeters and before anyone was the wiser New York State had replaced reformy John King with his estrogenized double. Democratic process? Will of the people? Public servants accountable to the public? Psshaw. Quaint and outdated notions all of that rot. 

Which leads us to Elia's recommendation of and the impending coronation of  one Krider Cash here in B-Lo. Never mind his Floridian failures, his record of mediocrity in Memphis, his ties to Bill Gates and the Broad Foundation, no, none of that is going to derail his gravy train. Like James Williams, K. Cash is the perfect storm who has something for everyone. Like last time, the wealthy white vote likes him because they hope he will be a union breaker. It was Bluenose Buttinski Wilmers last time whose smoking jacket and ascot were all in a ruffle with dreams of Williams trampling BTF and bulldozing the landscape for charters from Riverside to Caz Park. This time we have Lars Quinn, the little whales on his cords breaching with joy in the hope that Cash can do what Williams didn't --vanquish Phil Rumore. And again, for whatever reason, maybe you can tell me, sometimes I'm just not that bright, the Board Minority females are willing to ignore this guy's heavy investment in the corporate ed reform movement, his Gates and Broad ties, his belief in the failed notion of merit pay for teachers and his piss poor record of affecting positive change anywhere he's put his carpetbag down. They are all willing to ignore every single thing I've mentioned above, in essence, they are ignoring his track record, his performance in previous posts and saying as Belton Cottman said with a presumably straight face "We are lucky he'd even consider coming to Buffalo..." Yes, if it's one thing Buffalo is known for -- wide right, no goal -- it's our great luck. If you thought James Williams came in here and tore stuff up, just wait til this dude with his shades and his Rhett Butler mustache and his F.U. money gets his game on. And if you can tell me what exactly the board minority voting block is seeing that nobody with the sense God gave them is seeing in this failed carpetbagger, please let me know. As I said earlier, sometimes I'm just not that sharp. 

But all is not lost. We at least have the spectacle of the Cash vs Paladino Manopause Title Bout to look forward to. As Ragan of 103.3FM asked the other day in a heated discussion with Carl the Churl, How long is it going to take for him to piss you off and you fire off another of your letters demanding his resignation? A month? Anyone with half the sense God gave them sees this showdown looming on the horizon and I'm going on record here and now to predict that we'll see it before the Fallfest weekend. I'm not sure we're exactly celebrating Columbus these days but that's the first three day weekend of the season and I'm saying these two will have locked horns in a significant manner before anyone packs up their Prius and takes 219 South to E'ville. No matter what happens with Cash, please note that you had no significant input on his appointment just as you had none on Elia's, just as you had none on the wide scale "receivership" scheme imposed by sociopath Gubner Andy. You are free to enjoy the ride, keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and don't unbuckle your belt until the car has come to a complete stop. Oh and keep your damned mouth shut too. 


  1. Spoke to Harris-Tigg, I don't believe she's convinced.

  2. Check out--and inform your readers about the familial relationship between Regent Emeritus Bobby Bennett and Elia. The man continues to haunt us even after he is run out of Dodge!

  3. AFH I hope this is true but I am willing to bet she votes with the rest. The fact that any of the minority support this guy is simply outrageous.