Tuesday, June 16, 2015

District Negotiator Terry O'Neil Exposes Himself to B-Lo

Terry O'Neil Goes Full Monty On Buffalonians

Well folks as my civilian tenure winds down and my term as Executive Committee member nears I'm not sure how much longer doing this is going to be viable. Who knows, maybe I am taking myself too seriously but a few wildling comments have already drifted  over the wall to me. That said, Buffalo Public Schools negotiator Terry O'Bloody Fucking Neil can drag his poxy arse back to County Clare from whence he and all his drooling bugeyed brethren slithered out of some festering boghole and plunge his contract offer where the moss is thickest. The "offer" is, as Uncle Phil has already said, and might just as well have in one word: Insulting.

Not that we're dumb enough to be bamboozled by a 20+ % pay "increase" over 4 years or is that 14 years? Or 15? But when you stack it up against cost of living, blah blah blah then factor in the givebacks of an extended day and the lost sick and personal time and the number of goals Patrick Kane has scored in Stanley Cup Finals... Any idiot Buffalo teacher can tell you the Dutch made a more generous offer when they took Manhattan. It's a shit deal and we all know it. It's also early in the game at least as far as this O'Neil clown is concerned. A decade plus isn't exactly early in the game but we'll pretend as Terry O'Neil seems to be pretending that the world all started when he was hired by Buffalo Schools.

A crappy insulting offer early in the talks is to be expected. But handing it to the Buffalo News and all the local channels in mid-negotiation is, I'm sorry but it's some punkass bullshit. Not to mention it's as unethical as Tiger's cellphone. And if you can't see through the strategery, the kind the Buffalo News is only too happy to facilitate, it goes something like this:

A 24% pay increase? What?!! That's crazy! All the kids are failing! The schools are failing! When I worked at New Era for $11.09 an hr. people got laid off when sales were down. And that's the same thing. Teachers should be getting fired not 24% raises!  Look at that S.O.B. Rumore, he says he's insulted! Oh yeah well let him slice ham and turkey next to me at Tops for a while and he'll learn about work! Insulted my ass! That guy is arrogant.  

The goal is to rile and outrage as much of the rabble as are able to have a paper read to them or sit, mouth agape, in front of their tv at 6 or 11. Not that they can really do anything aside from voting for Carl anyway but it really helps to build the mood of the city ya know? Teachers feeling the entire city would sooner push them in the lake as pay them a fair wage might be more inclined to cave in and negotiate for half a turd sandwich patting themselves on the back for not having to eat a whole one. The idea is to create and atmosphere of pressure and hostility towards us in the hope that we panic.

I've had my share of grievances with Phil Rumore over the past year or so. So have a lot of people. But for right now I guess I'm going to be o.k. with the reality that he's at the table as he has been countless times before. If Terry O'Neil thinks he's going to panic the old war horse I think he'd best get on the phone to La Nova.  We have plenty of enemies already. Time to stop bitching and throwing stones and make some new friends in our union, friends. We're going to need them.


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