Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opt Out Numbers Are Devastating for the High Stakes Test Pimps. What Will They Do Now?

Looks like the opt out numbers are far greater than anyone on this end of the argument could even dare to imagine. I read about a district downstate with 83% opting out. West Seneca and Lakeshore were only a few points below that and Iroquois Middle clocked in around 65%.

And isn't it funny to watch the other half scrambling to pull their pants up. Old Bob Bennett has been trotted out again blubbering and grumbling and harrumphing that it's against the law to opt out. Little Jason from Buffalo DeformEd was on WBEN radio yesterday doing his part to hold up the shaky argument for those on the wrong side of history. Buffalo's own interim in brief Donald Ogilve has offered his own version of Don Knott's Mr. Limpet character shaking his head in sadness that kids are missing out on this chance of a lifetime and repeating all the lies his pals in NYSED like to trot out about seeing how we're doing and measuring growth etc. 

The Buffalo News has grown so desperate they even turned racebait Rod Watson loose on the topic. Rod tried to be snarky and cute and made some really dumb statements about testing and Common Core that revealed he's done zero to educate himself on the issues aside from memorizing the talking points memo his corporate masters posted on the door to the editorial bunker. Meryl Tisch is running in circles with her ass on fire trying to intimidate cajole and bluster to any and everyone who will still listen. With little luck I might add. The News refused to post numbers and percentages in today's article, instead using deliberately vague language to obfuscate the ass whooping their pro test policy is taking in the court of  Mom and Dad. 

And in the end parents have simply called the bluff of Tisch and Bennett and Cuomo and everyone else. Parents have defied anyone who's tried to insinuate that refusing to subject your kid to an untested, unproven game of corporate guinea piggery will cost your school money, your kid's teachers their jobs and the school a chance to measure its growth. 

We've seen so much bullying, so much bullshit and so much non representative government from supposedly elected politicians that it's all boiled over and parents are sticking up a big fat middle finger and saying this is what we think of your budget, you teacher evaluation schemes, your shitty non prescriptive, non diagnostic high stakes tests and YOU!

They really haven't listened up til now. Curious to see how they weave all of their teacher evaluations out of code #999's.


  1. > Curious to see how they weave all of their teacher evaluations out of code #999's.

    Oh, NYSED will come up with something, and you can bet it won't be good for teachers.

  2. NYSED had best come up with some credibility and fast. John King? Ole Bob Bennett? Pretty Meryl? What a gang of fail. Everything went to shit when they stepped in and tried to impose the corporate ed reform's agenda.

  3. NYSED will continue to lie. They're in denial. They can't believe the peasants had the nerve to stand up to them. Tisch claims parents are being led around by the nose the teachers' unions. really tisch? Parents are so damn stupid and incapable of making informed decisions for their children????? If the data,Tisch claims is valuable for teachers to use to help students, exists then release it. show me the data that does that. It doesn't exist. They lie and lie and lie some more. Roseanne McCosh NYC teacher