Friday, April 3, 2015

Free At Last Free at Last. See Ya Karen, Mikey, Randi and Lily

This was the pic I used on the first post of this blog. I recycle it to remind us all that we are starting over. That and it has a gun in it which should irritate the self righteous clowns at BATS. 

A lot of people are making some very articulate comments on the legislative bloodbath our great friends the Democrats just rained down on New York State teachers. I'm not feeling terribly articulate about now nor am I exactly up for rummaging through the closet to find the lemonade maker for all these lemons we've had thrown at us. 

Our NYSUT "leadership" is gutless, nutless and useless. It's run by the chief eunuch of all union fakes Punch You in the Face Mike Mulgrew who operates from under a particularly slime covered rock somewhere in the sewers of Manhattan. His mentor Randi Weingrovel, while not feting Al Sharpton on his birthday or planning how she will rescue the Nigerian school girls while robocalling for Cuomo's running mate, deserves to take a huge bow and receive her laurels in this massacre above all others. 

We have no union leadership at the state or federal level. And before anyone tries to quote Lily from NEA I want you to ignore her shit talking and zero in on her dedication to Common Core and her love affair with Bill Fucking Gates. Then show me how she's anything more than Weingrovel with a better haircut. 

If anything is to come of this debacle, this betrayal by so many assholes in the legislature who took union money, especially teacher union money then played their "voting with a heavy heart" card to destroy us, it has to be an epiphanic galvanizing moment in which we take back control of our unions from the local level and firmly disregard any of the bullshit, the "messaging" posturing and feckless masturbation that's become the tradmark of NYSUT, AFT and NEA. 

We are on our own and have been for some time now. It's time we started acting like it.


  1. In Newark, NTU/AFT is seeking EWPs to
    testify before the State Board of Education. Anderson has reapplied for a waiver from the State to circumvent tenure and seniority to fire veteran teachers. I informed my "union" to which I pay a grand a year that I have no interest in being a sacrificial lamb. When I contacted them about filing a grievance, I was unceremoniously told that I have no grounds. Am I getting my money's worth of highly effective
    representation? You be the judge Sean.

  2. Thank you for writing this, it made me laugh pretty hard. Something that I had not done in the last 3 days. You are absolutely right about everyone and everything you wrote. I commend you, and Thank you!

  3. Time to take this battle to the streets the people we have paid huge amounts of money to represent us want to be "insiders" rather than "insurgents." They are pathetic and need to be ignored. Acting independently of state leadership--and building alliances with parents--we need to take direct action. Step one--promote OPT OUT as the only way to not allow children to become pawns in the test and punish regime our Assembly endorsed.