Friday, April 10, 2015

Attention B-Lo Community: Wealthy White Men Do Not Want to Hear From You

It appears our Caucasian Caucus of the B-Lo Board of Ed is trying to prevent the community from having any say on who the next Superintendent should be. Buzz from the City Hall elevators says the Wealthy White Men's Advocacy Group seeks to slide Mr. Weimer the Principal of Emerson into the Deputy Superintendent's chair and from there they plan to give him the badge. I don't know much about the guy and can't say I have heard anyone denounce him as control freak or philanderer -- the two most deadly species of administrator. One person I know who's worked with him laughed and said Weimer? He hasn't left his office in how many years?

No Women and No Dark People for Starters

Again, I am working with limited input and I realize perception is reality especially in a popularity contest like the one we're headed into now. There may be someone else they have their eye on and Weimer is just a red herring. Either way, the plan appears to be another of these power moves that people like Lars Quinn, Carl the Churl and Gateway Jim Sampson live for. They have their guy, just as they thought they had Ogie way back when. They are going to glue their guy to the chair, place the rubber stamp in his hand and let slip the dogs of ed reform. Anyone who doesn't like it is invited straight to hell. 

Obviously the Board Minority isn't digging this plan one bit. And why should they? The minority members have scheduled open community meetings at several schools to ask the public for input on what kind of Superintendent we need this time. As expected the Wealthy White Men's Advocacy Group is looking to derail these colloquies. Seems Carl and Co. are insisting that the minority members should not be allowed to use public school buildings to hold meetings for the community. I believe they are claiming that the buildings need to be rented and insured for any events the board minority members hold in them. 


If you ask the question what's best for the school system, the kids, parents, teachers and staff?  the simple answer is open up the search to include as many interested parties as possible. If the question is how to do we get the guy we want as fast as possible? the answer is limit the input and exclude as many interested parties as possible because we really don't want to hear it. 

(Forgive me for using the male pronoun exclusively here my sensitive friends but I'll be 6 ft 8" with a deep tan the day this bunch elects a woman unless it's a mousey little drink fetcher and rubber stamp vote like their current Board Fraulein who keeps the olives fresh in Lar's martinis)

Is there maybe a larger concern that we look for someone else, maybe some local rockstar from the suburbs? Last we heard of Paul Casseri he was being hounded by sociopath hustler James Williams through the corridors of City Hall.  Paul was in the process of turning South Park around with an energized faculty and staff when Williams and Co. slashed his resources to pennies and said Good Luck. So when he handed in his papers to move on Williams was there to run his fat flapping mouth calling Casseri a quitter and a few other things that didn't speak to his intelligence or legitimacy. I just read they made the guy Superintendent of Lewiston. Not bad for a quitter huh? Another gem pissed away in  a City Hall C-Lo game. You think he'd come back? 

There's a guy named Dr. Crawford who's name gets tossed around quite a bit. There are Supers downstate who have been standing up against high stakes testing and Common Core. You can't tell me there isn't someone out there who could bring some new life and hope to this sinking ship of foolery we've had here for how many years now? 

If you look at the track record of Carl and Larry and Gateway Jim they have been ineffective as hell in pushing their agenda. And it seems we can't go a week without Carl stepping on another land mine or shoving someone else into one. The "50 Shades of Tan" letter detailing the end of his relationship with a Buffalo News education reporter is just the latest in a string of Paladino-OMFGisms. 

Gateway Jim is going to be talking to the feds from what I hear who appear to be much more interested in his pimp life at Gateway than his friendly Democratic Party pals in New York were. And Lars, God Lars isn't exactly looking like the millions he stashed when the Sabres traded hands. Last board meeting he looked like he'd been sleeping in the backseat of his Beemer up til the meeting started. These are not credible education people. They lack insight and compassion. 

A friend and BTF activist relayed a conversation with one of these three where he told her "You know we don't listen to anything you say when you get up and speak at board meetings right?" Another convo with a board member and a BTF officer included the BTF guy asking the board member what about the hundreds of teachers who'd lose their jobs if you succeeded in closing the schools? To which our elected representative replied " I don't give a fuck."

Are these the guys who deserve a fast track to pick the next Buffalo Schools Superintendent? 

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  1. I've been asked to consider casting a wider net that would include a few more elected officials. Gateway-Longview has decided to covertly pretend like the Old Humboldt Y is being sold / taken over by three groups, Saving Grace Ministries (Terry King a murderer), True Bethel (Darius Pridgen-who lied to us early on in this process), and the Sabre's Foundation (who could this really be?), with Gateway-Longview providing (social workers gone wild) services to homeless veterans. Make no mistake that GL is Sampson’s tool! You think these fools have the governor’s blessing?
    The community has found out that this Holy Trinity and Shaytan union is being galvanized with 2+ millions of dollars of HOME Funds through Mayor Brown. No doubt Creative Structures Services (CSS), who always seems to winner of such HOME Fund construction projects when Pridgen is involved has come to the table to perform to outward appearance of doing good in our community while lining his private pockets with public funds once again. Don’t believe me just ask Brendan R. Mehaffy. Are you thinking they might be in cahoots with one another? I know for some this seems like confusion yet, to understand the depths of the political relationships in this town is to understand the deception, the embezzlement, the civil racketeering. Accountability Jim Sampson, Carl my panties are always in a bunch Palidino, Lars, I don't give an Ef Quinn and et al are really showing us that they are not listening to the voting public. In fact the public is quite an anvil for them. So how does this all fit into Sean C’s soliloquy? These are Poverty Pimps! Pimpin” is what they do and when they don’t like what the public does they slap a Biotch down. Just look at what happened to poor 50 shades of Tan>> SMH, sayin Uhn, Uhn, Uhn! And how bout that backhanded KAAHHPOW Bioth slap the Sistahhood is reeling from- unless the White folks on the BOE give permission they can’t meet at school buildings to talk with their constituency regarding the hiring of the next superintendent of schools. What! Please be assured as long as we remain distract my what is Black and what is White we will be bamboozled, excepted, and misinformed, when we are in fact we are being jacked of our resources, our prime real estate, our public funds- money. The entire population of Western New York should be working collectively to incarcerate these degenerates! …or at least VOTE THEM OUT of office. Yeah I know that means they will not have jobs but frankly, I don’t give an EF!