Monday, March 23, 2015

Paladino Throws Yet Another Mantrum. Sampson Sneaks In a Low Blow. Leisure Class Larry Keeps His Own Counsel

Lars Quinn must be scraping zebra mussels from his gunwales or trying to find some swell corduroy shorts with little buffaloes on them  to match the banana colored Sperrys he'll be sporting on this summer's nautical frolics. He's the only one of the Three Privateers who  hasn't weighed in yet on the sad sorry disappointment our rich white men of The Board are experiencing thanks to Benedict  Arnold Ogilve, goddamned turncoat that he is. 

Carl is going to try and make Ogie walk the plank at the next board meeting. And if that fails Carl will dial up his old pal Andy Cuomo who's sure to be in a fine mood with an unauthorized bio about to hit the stands in a week or so and hit him up for a receivership. In case you haven't been to Perdido St. today, Andy's no-no bio includes the bizarre tale of a campaign kick off party where people wondered if Andy had anything to do with playing Sympathy for the Devil at ear splitting decibels while his dumbstuck and horrified Kennedy in laws were left to shudder in disbelief at his callousness.  Lest you're not up on your Stones lyrics the song includes the lines " I shouted out who killed the Kennedys when after all it was you and me." Yeah and we just kind of suspected the guy was a sociopath? So good luck with that call Carl, I am sure Sheriff Andy has forgotten your concession speech where you pointed your baseball bat at him by now. As we say here in B-Lo that's just Carl being Carl. 

But you've really gotta love the beachballs on Accountability Jim Sampson though. This guy never disappoints. While trying to remain above the Carl Paladino shark feeding tank -- you know old Jim's big on protecting that phoney veneer of dignity he's shellacked himself with -- he does manage to send a shot across Ogie's bow telling the Buffalo Nooze : “We’ve made some marginal kind of progress,” board President James Sampson said, “but not the kind of progress the community wants to see.” If you're reading this I'm sure you recall how Sampson responds to "the community" when its members try to be heard at Board of Education meetings. Michael Ziolkowski was abruptly cut off and bustled away from the mic by security at Sampson's insistence when he had the temerity to inquire about Diamond Jim's lavish taxpayer funded lifestyle as CEO of Gateway Longview. And when John Wasington II of PUSH offended Sampson during his remarks Jimbo tried the same trick on him but without the security detachment.  Thankfully Washington refused to shut up and continued talking. By the time he was done he was leading "the community" Sampson fantasizes about in a chant of "Whose schools?" "Our schools!" There was no doubt in anyone's mind how "the community"  in the Waterfront auditorium felt about Sampson, Paladino, Leisure Class Lawrence and the proprietary air that emanates from them in matters of Buffalo Public Schools. Yet here comes this corporate welfar recipient mofo telling the Buffalo News how "the community" isn't seeing the progress he and Carl and Lars are trying to cram down its throat.

 As if anyone aside from these 3 carpetbaggers, the two dummies they keep in a sack until voting time, Sam Radford and his half dozen DPCC homies support any of this corporate ed reform bullshit they are selling.  You've really got to wonder what Sampson sees in his mind's eye when he tosses out a phrase like "the community...

 Yeah I think that's about it...


  1. Human rubbish.

  2. I hope you are somewhat relieved as it has been a week now since we saw the last Snooze editorial concerning Alzheimer Bob B!

  3. Maybe Carl will do the work for me....

  4. Paddy, it comes with rats too.

  5. I hear Old Bob is terrorizing the Super Senior shuffleboard circuit in Boca.☀️