Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Chance for NYSUT to Redeem Themselves. Sort Of...

Use This Instead of Making Another One of Your Brain Dead Attack Ads

Great news NYSUT. You can cancel that order of oversized hoodies for B-Lo cause we've got something a lot better you can do for us. It appears our old nemesis Regentus Flatulentus Robert Bennett is trying to get himself appointed for another term as New York State Regent. Come off it already, Bob. You drove a Corvaire to your first Regents meeting and it was uphill and snowing both ways. Time to get your shuffleboard on and shake that old bootie down to Boca where the surf is up, the sandals come with black socks and it's lights out at 9:30 for everybody in Grumpy Palms. Can't miss ya if ya won't leave, Bobber.

And this is where you come in, NYSUT political experts:

The Regent members are voted on by the NY Assembly and the Senate. Because the Assembly members outnumber the Senators and the Democrats in the Assembly hold the majority, the Democratic Assembly members have the decision making power.

Sooooo, NYSUT, as we established here yesterday, these Democrats mentioned above? These are YOUR guys. These are the guys you helped get elected so they can work to help teachers like Marc Pannepinto told us he was going to do back in the Fall. And as we are amateurs with little to no understanding of the manly and complex umvelt of politics, we simple teacher folk are going to stick to our abcederian tasks and trust ya'll to git er done as they say on the t.v. Shouldn't be too much effort for such seasoned political operatives as NYSUT has on retainer. If there's anything left in the piggybank after the $360K Pannepinto disbursement, some of us would like you to give it to John Licata, the former Board of Ed member here in Buffalo. He is actually sane, educated, not a charter schools advocate and he actually trusted BPS to educate his own kids. Seems John's the obvious choice in spite of the fact that there's someone else from the area who supports vouchers and the parent trigger but c'mon, what idiot would look at that track record and say she's the one we want? So please, NYSUT, we are giving you an opportunity to show us how important it is to have a state wide union with people earning over $200K for not teaching. We always hear how important it is to make sure we have politicians on our side even though the Governor is a Democrat and so is the President and so is Rahmbo Emanel and so is Christie. Oh wait. Chris Christie just acts like a Democrat but he's actually a Republican. So don't blow it NYSUT. Seems the timing here could be divinely inspired you know? I mean just yesterday I was saying Wait a minute, if their only real purpose is to gain political traction for teachers and currently we are in spinning our tires, rocking the Corolla and going nowhere, then why the hell should we even bother with these people? What better use could we put those funds to that would actually benefit teachers?

Ahh but that was yesterday and today is a new day. Rumor is your  good friend Sean Ryan is supportive of Mr. Licata's ambitions to become Regent. I can only hope and pray Mr. Ryan does better this time than he did bringing Dragon Empress Tisch to Buffalo. I hate to do this but I am going to do it anyway. When Ryan brought Tisch here a bunch of us asked BTF about organizing some kind of a protest action to let her know what we think of her. BTF ignored us. The NYSUT regional poobah, I forget his name, told me in an email that Ryan was going to school Tisch and put an end to the bullshit lie that our schools were failing so why should we protest that? Again, always trying to control the message, the goddamned message, as if it's private property. Well, we stood down, that time, most of us anyway -- Kudos to Mad Mike O'Bowen, who pursued them to the doors of their CIA-like black Suburban flinging fake money in their mugs and calling them sellouts and a disgrace.

But in the heure de verite' Tisch cut Ryan off in mid sentence with an imperious hand, as if she were telling him he'd overchlorinated her swimming pool. "Come to Brooklyn," she snapped, "I know what success looks like. I've seen success." Thus endeth the quest of NYSUT's man Ryan to take Madame Tisch to the edu-woodshed. Bearing that in mind I sincerely hope Mr. Ryan has been eating his Wheaties and getting lots of rest. Something tells me there will be more of the same waiting for him if he tries to persuade Tishcean underlings of Mr. Licata's chops as Regent. With any luck we'll avoid some of the rotten tomatoes and dead cats that got flung our way last time NYSUT waxed Madison Avenue with their lowbrow attack ads. Let us know if you need anything NYSUT. And please, whatever you do, stay on message will you? 

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