Sunday, November 2, 2014

Your Union Dues Hard At Work Just Not for You

After Sheriff Andrew had his angry little snit with the Daily News editors explaining how he was going to crush the teachers and their unions if re-elected I'll bet you can only imagine the red hot rhetoric boiling from our various firebrand union leaders. Ahem.

Yessirree Old Karen Magee -- whose name I am not even sure I am spelling correctly -- but truthfully I give about a rat's ass which is one rat's ass more than I have seen her caring about the rank and file teachers looking to her for support -- came out swinging. Well, maybe not swinging exactly. I guess we might agree she came out. No, that's not really true either. O.k. let's say she cracked the door an inch and declared bravely that Cuomo's comments were "unfortunate and a distraction." Yeah. Hellz Yeaaah. Fuckin A Kar, way to lay into that bastard. Big Bill Haywood is sitting up in his coffin about now asking "Who is that gal ? "If I was a radical she's a goddamned square root."

But it gets better folks. Labor is Dead you say? Pshaaw. Did you see the love letter Corny Karl sent to anti-tenure, anti-collective bargaining, anti-Triborough Amendment candidate Rob Astorino who brought Scot Walker here  fresh from destroying the State of Wisconsin as a fund raising attraction? Yeah, Astorino is banging his hands bloody on the Anti Common Core drum -- even creating a line on the ballot for Stop Common Core -- This ingenious gesture has proven quite the shiny object in the path of far too many otherwise reasonable and intelligent people who've got in touch with their recessive Teabagger gene and decided to throw their vote to this odd, shrew faced little man because they really think he's going to be good for teachers and education in spite of the company he keeps and the obvious anti teacher postures he's struck. Did I mention he's also a fan of charter schools same as Cuomo? Here's a peck of the soul kiss NYSUT laid on Astorino:

On behalf of NYSUT's 600,000 members, we thank Rob Astorino for his Oct. 29th open letter expressing support and respect for teachers and public education in New York State. While we differ on a number of issues, we wholeheartedly agree with his statement that teachers deserve respect and that strengthening New York State's public school system should be our shared focus. And we pledge to acknowledge all leaders who similarly commit to statements of respect and support.

Did I say it KEEPS getting better? While NYSUT was busily slobbering on Astorino, AFT President Randi Weingarten was reinforcing her singular place in labor history as possibly the most useless and widely despised Union President of all time in attempting to walk back comments Cuomo himself has made no attempt to distance himself from. 

Taking on the role of the idiot aunt who has no sense of why children behave the way they do

 -- remember folks this human was never a teacher like you are. She never ground out a long March in the classroom between Winter Recess and Spring Break or sat in a hostile parent conference where you were pretty sure calling the cops was the right call afterward. No, she never walked 5 feet in your shoes so don't bestow the title or honor of "teacher" on her. She is and always has been nothing more or less than a lawyer. As such she likes to think she has mastered the art of the cleverly turned phrase, the surgically omitted detail, the lie that you'd swear was the truth if you didn't know better. But the truth is she's not very good at these things. She kind of sucks at it but she brazens it out and does it anyway. You've heard her agreeing about the disaster that is Common Core then she throws in her little spiel about implementation negating the larger point that CCSS blows goat.

 But I digress. The idiot aunt explanation when a kid behaves like a bloodthirsty savage? Oh, he's just tired, the poor dear. And when faced with Cuomo's declaration of war on teachers and public education as a whole, what does our fearless union lightning rod have to say on the topic?

“We’re in the political season. At the end of the day, … I’ll chalk it up to politics,” Weingarten told Capital on Friday when asked about the governor’s comments earlier in the week...

Yep, Randi gave Cuomo a mulligan. In as many words she said he's just tired. It's the political season and he's just not himself, he's saying mean things and being grumpy so let's all forget what he said and let him get a nap, a juice box and a crustable so he can be nice again.  As my role model and colleague RealityBasedEducator has pointed out on PerdidoStSchoolBlog Randi would rather chase the paper tigers at Time Magazine demanding a meaningless apology for their teacher bashing cover last week than address the snarling sociopath prick in the Gubner's mansion here in Albantucky. Or is he staying in his Westchester house with the upgrades done without building permits or tax adjustments? Hard to keep track of Sheriff Andrew is,  Saddam- like in his ability to remain a moving target.

While Rome burns our union leadership alternates between roasting marshmallows over the flames and saying things like "at least it's not raining." That loudmouth at the end of the bar down at Sully's Tavern saying "Unions are all corrupt, the leadership is a bunch of sellouts who don't give a damn about none a yous dues paying guys?" That loudmouth lately is looking like a McArthur Fellowship winner. In case you didn't realize it,  that makes him a genius.

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