Friday, November 14, 2014

School Board Member Larry Quinn Tells Teachers What He Really Thinks of Them.

Education Expert Larry Quinn

Enquiring minds have been told that Buffalo Board of Education members Larry Quinn and Carl Paladino paid a visit to Lafayette High School the other day. Onlookers reported Carl's demeanor was subdued and friendly for the duration of the visit. Larry Quinn, errr... not so much. It has been reported that Quinn was overheard in a loud clear voice referencing teachers there as "clowns" whom he did not want to meet with. This from a guy who, when he was helping drive the Buffalo Sabres into the ground -- You don't have one of those nice Briere or Drury jerseys I hope --  snatched Art Wander's toupee off his head and flung it across a roomful of people. Maybe the Tiny Tot of the Kilowatt hit a nerve with his hockey commentary? I heard that story from an on air local sports guy years ago and it never quite left me as a signpost of the Quinn's character deficit. Clowns. Nice.

Found an hilarious old rant about him too when he was "helping" the Sabres. It's called Why the Hell Does Larry Quinn Talk? Funny how some things never change. 

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  1. Send in the clowns. Ol' Lars is going to regret saying that about a group of thoughtful educators.