Friday, August 15, 2014

NYSED Releases Test Scores. NYSUT Pees Itself a Little.

Ahhh the test scores are out. Sort of... Well, some of them anyway. And clearly we can see that uhhh, well a lot of kids didn't take them so... And God knows they would NEVER be used as a "gotcha" against a teacher at evaluation time. Perish the thought. Well the scores are out and Lil John King's pointed head has surfaced from the rabbit hole he's been hiding in since New York State residents used him as a chewtoy on his whistle stop tour with Pretty Meryl and Regentus Flatulentus Bennett. I couldn't quite divine his message but after tweaking the data to create the most penurious of increases I assume he was able to make the claim that : Common Core is working if we can just get rid of a bunch of these bad teachers who are grit and excellence deficient. And on the other cloven hand he can also say as I am pretty sure I did hear " This means we have work to do..."  -- A favorite rhetorical red herring commonly used by failing shitheads desperate to get off the topic of their own inadequacy. So King tells us we need to grindstone up and get our Core on before we fail these kids in college, career and global readiness any further than we already have. 

Meanwhile Pretty Meryl is making her own kind of noise: "We hope that the temperatures come down, and that the rhetoric of politics, all the outside noise, comes down as these changes take effect," Tisch said.

I need to catch my breath after reading anything that issues from this Last Empress. You have to love a woman who buys up a research and lobbyist army with her own piggy bank then hands them work that should be going to government employees and when she is questioned sniffs that people should be grateful she put up the million for their salaries. Never mind that they were busily engaged in forwarding Tisch's charter interests, writing to Superintendents and Union Heads telling them how it was going to be. One dear got herself involved here in B-Lo sending terse letters to people who weren't following NYSED's dictums.  And with all of the helpful interference Tisch has enjoyed on her behalf from people like Bloomberg, Gates, Klein, Cuomo and their lackeys isn't it ironic that she refers to teachers and parents refusing to swallow her force feeding of testing and CCSS as "outside noise." No Meryl, outside noise is what you have when your servants get into a dust up or a hot dice game. What you don't want to hear is the legitimate voice of people who aren't millionaires and don't know any but who care about kids and public education. That's what you can't stand the sound of and you couldn't have made it clearer than you did on your Farewell Tour with Pinicchio and Gepetto.  And if you follow her flow chart it's pretty clear that everyone needs to simply STFU and get a life because Pretty Meryl and Lil John have everything going like clockwork. (off mic) "The changes will be made and that will be that and you can all go home and shut your rotten rabble mouths. God I wish we could boil a few of them." 

We see the same tone deaf handful of privileged know nothings blustering and blundering ahead -- reality and common sense be damned. And in that same vein it appears NYSUT has gathered its Colloquy of Eunuchs to not endorse Andrew Cuomo for Governor.  Oooooh... ballsy move that one guys. Just as the Working Family Party rolled over and went to working for Cuomo, NYSUT in refusing to endorse Howie Hawkins or Zephyr Teachout has bent over and whimpered like a bunch of jailhouse punks. Karen Mulgee promised us a courageous unionism that would distance itself from that wretched Dick Ianuzzi. Funny part is Mulgee and Co. decided Dick was wretched about the same time many of us were yelling All right Dick, it's about effing time you started talking some shit at our enemies. Just as he began to morph into that fiery union guy we love, the tentacles of UFT/Weingarten decided it was time to rip him off the stage. He was replaced with a nice lady who is completely unremarkable and has been placed in a passive role by her puppeteers Five Finger DeathPunch Mulgrew and Randi I Love CCSS Weingarten. While they all got their kabuki on and ripped up some Pearson test papers their coprophagous servility to Cuomo fools nobody and Pearson lost not a moment's sleep over their  role playing nonsense. 

In the end the rank and file are yet again shut out, barred, banned from any input into the decision making process. Remember these are our union leaders who seem to hate the democratic process as lustily as Madame Tisch's twitching eyelid would indicate she does. We can understand how the wife of the Loew's heir can put so much daylight between herself and the likes of us. But when our own elected union people do us the same way, that's hard to swallow. I saw a quote online today attributed to MLK: "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." 

Hey Karen, Andy, Martin, it's awful goddamned quiet on your end. 


  1. Thank you for another excellent piece, Sean. Speak truth to our unfortunate power.

  2. If NYSUT chooses spinelessness as policy I ask what is stopping locals from issuing their own endorsements? My BTF was balls to the wall in support for Zephyr's run against Cuomo. I wonder what it's going to do now. I suggest if BTF goes in for its own little neutering procedure that we members who still support candidates running against Cuomo rally and issue our own endorsements. Fuck NYSUT and its puppet masters whoever they may be. They represent their own interests which are diametrically opposed to those of the rank and filers.

  3. NYSUT's non-endorsement frees up locals to endorse their own candidates. Will Mulgrew's UFT follow the lead of Rumore's BTF with an endorsement of Teachout? Mulgrew will punch someone in the face before that happens. After all, the Lobbyist for the Students hasn't yet called for the "death penalty" for NYC schools, and Eva Moscowitz couldn't be happier.