Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shirking Families Party Services the Governor, Flips Off Silly Constituents

Proofreading thanks to Chris Cerrone

Anyone still delusional enough to believe that unions represent workers and political parties represent citizens need look no further than the slobbering act of fellation performed on Governor Cuomo by the newly invertebrate Working Families Party at their gathering yesterday. While Cuomo's cowardly video feed (apparently it was too much for him to make the trip, again) was booed, jeered and mocked by most of the attendees of the conference he was awarded the party's endorsement anyway. And while dark horse candidate Zephyr Teachout hit all the right notes in her talk, was raucously cheered and feted by all and left the stage to chants of "Zephyr! Zephyr!" she was just a poor player who strutted and fretted her hour upon the stage. Her tale was one of sound and fury, signifying nothing. And in the end the money won again. The shitty, family hating, union hating bastard nobody likes managed to bully this fledgling party and its leadership eunuchs into saying "Uncle." One of the group's pioneers had this to say :

"I'm ashamed I ever helped found the WFP," said Mike McGuire of the Mason Tenders union and a member of the party's executive board. "The WFP leadership is now nothing more than a bunch of Park Slope limousine liberals, either literally or figuratively," McGuire said on his Facebook page.

And in other news, Saddam is still dead, it's hot in Miami and boy is lobster ever expensive. Complete revolt is the only thing that's going to change this mess. And it won't be alongside NYSUT's Karen Magoo and her puppet master Mikey Weingrew either. It will be around them or through them.


  1. I don't see a revolt on the horizon. Everybody I know is busy sucking up and eating shit.

    1. Anonymous, my next post will introduce you to a guy we can all get behind, a guy who has spent this teaching year in complete revolt and is still not backing down even after being removed from his classroom and rubber roomed for telling a cowardly admin and NYSED to kiss his ass.

  2. No Plutocrat Left Behind!


    Let's make tee shirts.

    Front Side: NO Plutocrat

    Back Side: Left Behind


  3. Don't worry... NYSUT is being revived! It'll all be fine!!!!