Friday, March 21, 2014

Yammy and Lil Faith Get Put in Time Out -- Paladino Reportedly Seen Laughing His Ass Off

Suspended with Pay, the Girls Plan to Get their Weaves Did and Kick Back at the AKA House

Well friends looks like the Karma Fairy has flown a sortie over City Hall. When Pamela Brown, Mary Guinn and their 5 co-conspirators on the Board of Ed slid Mugsy G. back into the fold as a Deputy Superintendent in the late innings of a board meeting they seemed to think it was checkmate, game over. The Board's white guys were not amused. A few days ago Carl Paladino unleashed yet another of his voluminous screeds, CC-ing everyone but the Pope and Tupac's ghost and encouraging anyone so inclined to share it on social media, OTB offices, Doc Sullivan's and Lee's Lounge if they were so inclined. And they did. You might even find a copy here if you scroll down a post. Included in Carl's painstaking documentation of Mugsy Guinn's serial kickback operation was a little factoid about her dear personal friends who leapfrogged all sorts of qualified local talent in snatching up some City Hall sweet gigs. 

In classic Buffaltucky bass ackwardness,  Chief Talent Officer, Darren Brown, no relation to PamelaBrownPhDHarvard,  demonstrated some nifty buck passing and unleashed a litany of excuses  neatly letting himself off the hook after issuing a lame mea culpa admitting  "I should have followed up on this." Yeah, no shit dude. The Buffalo News is so quaint. They seem to think the forward thinkers in BPS still have an HR office. Pshaw. In case you aren't up on your ed reform jargon and this one is straight outta Broad Academy 101, Buffalo now has an Office of Talent Management over which we can only assume Chief Talent Officer Brown presides. I understand the office of Gimmee a Fucking Break has been getting a lot of calls this week. 

Upon further review it's been decided the girls are going to the sidelines for a bit. This from WIVB tonight : 

School board member Carl Paladino submitted a resolution at Wednesday night’s board meeting to put Yamilette Williams, who is chief of curriculum, assessment and instruction, and Faith Morrison Alexander, one of the district’s chief of school leaderships, on leave. Paladino says the board’s attorney agreed with his concerns that a lack of certifications could leave the district open to legal challenges.

According to the State Education Department, both Alexander and Williams hold a conditional initial certificate as a school building leader. Williams applied to be a school district leader, but officials say the application is incomplete. According to officials, Alexander has not applied.

The Buffalo News was the first to report that these two employees lack proper certifications. The newspaper says both were hired from out of state by Superintendent Pamela Brown when Deputy Superintendent Mary Guinn was reorganizing the central office. According to the Buffalo News, Guinn, Alexander and Williams all once worked as consultants for Evans Newtown educational firm.

And in case anyone was about to start running off a gross of "Free Yammy" t-shirts, rest assured B-lonians, Dr. Pamela Brown, PhD, Harvard has come the fore yet again to call for calm and soothe the frayed nerves of everyone wearing Pammy and Yammy T's with this Churchillesque proclamation: “This is not to be interpreted as a disciplinary action. It is an appropriate action for a school district to take in a situation such as this.”  

Whew, now there's some peace of mind for ya. Cause when some carpetbagging thief double dips her ass back into City Hall after she's already been fired once and she brings her sorority sisters with her and plugs them into high paying jobs for which they have no skill or certification, who'd ever want to see them disciplined? I am starting to think Pamela Brown is a stone, straight up Martian. Nothing else could explain how completely tuned out and clueless she is on every single issue. Stay tuned. Something tells me we are in the early rounds of a knock down get the hell out brawl. Damn straight I want butter and salt on it...

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  1. Until Mugsy goes away, nothing much will change at City Hall. Nowhere is this disgusting scenario is Mugsy given the credit for all of this. Mugsy was brought in by Say Yes/Cross and Joftus. She is still listed on their website as a consultant. Pamela Brown was brought in to Buffalo by SayYes/Cross and Joftus. But Say Yes just sits back demurely watching as the chaos that they have created at City Hall unfolds in a manner that works right into their "edDeform" model. Create chaos, then covertly (as they have acted for the last two years) sweep in and put your Broad Academy Superintendent in place to turn the district into a charter school, TFA heaven. Their plan is actually working splendidly. Even Say Yes is most likely surprised by how weak and soulless Pamela Brown is. She has NO concern whatsoever for the children, parents, teachers of Buffalo. She is even beginning to physically resemble the puppet that she is. She is a Jim Henson creation.