Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Andrew Cuomo's Wacky World of Make Believe

Of Course I'm Nuts but this Guy Just Plain Sucks...

Andy Andy Andy...

The Gubner's latest hijinx include the release of his latest "panel" that unsurprisingly finds nothing amiss with Common Core or its ridiculous 24-Like implementation. (I've been waiting for Keiffer Sutherland to show up and tell us the terrorists had bombs planted set to go off if we didn't implement CCSS in Usain Bolt-like fashion). 

--Oh, wait, that token teacher, Todd Hathaway, the guy they put on the "panel" called bullshit on the whole thing and said his comments were removed, he was ignored and marginalized and his name was affixed to a report implying he agreed with a bunch of bullshit he never agreed to... 

His own words: 

"The result is that some of the report’s conclusions and suggestions do not hold up to scrutiny. I wouldn’t accept this kind of work from my students and I don’t accept it here.” By the way friends I don't normally encourage emailing people at work but I imagine we could all look up Todd's work email at east Aurora High and send him some love. He's obviously one of us not one of those sniveling brown nosers who seem to be on NYSED's speed dial any time they need fake testimony to pretend teachers are buzzing about the CCSS. 

Ahh but are any of us really surprised by any of this? 

In other developments Clown Prince Andy is out there beating his cross eyed drum sucking up to parents and kids by telling them their standardized test scores won't be used against them.  But in the next breath he's reassuring the education world that these pointless, ridiculous test scores will in fact be used against teachers to prove what a lousy job most of them are doing. Again, they won't count against kids but they WILL count against teachers and schools.  And again are we really surprised by any of this? 

Cuomo is a clown. He runs around in his oversized shoes and crams himself into his tiny car spouting absolute nonsense and squirting the residents of New York with his tricky lapel flower every chance he gets. He has no credibility, he represents the interests of the ubber wealthy and nobody else. I am rather looking forward to watching his White House dream come apart in his face. It's great to make friends with rich guys Andy but there really aren't all that many of them. Come time to send you to Washington there are going to be a lot more people who aren't rich guys making damned sure the only way you see the White House is on a private tour with the other donors. 

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