Thursday, December 5, 2013

And If that Don't Fetch Em I Don't Know Jamestown...

T Shirt Sales Were Brisk at the Common Core Forum in Jamestown All Proceeds Will  Go to a Charter School Owning Billionaire

The Duke and the Dauphin aka Old Bob Bennett and his little wooden boy John King toddled into Western New York tonight where 35 out of 40 speakers laid into them both for their disastrous embrace of the Common Core, their incestuous corporate couplings with InBloom, Pearson et al and their pigheaded refusal to scale back the impact of their high stakes testing campaign. They claim they are on a listening tour but as soon as the lights are shut off King makes a beeline to the first live mic he can find to assure everyone of his and the Regent's commitment to Common Core and all of the attendant drunken dumbshow that comes along with it. Just what exactly these two crackpots are listening to is anybody's guess.

Once again King tried to float his fairy tale that Common Core and Montessori are practically interchangeable and went so far as to say that Montessori teaches Common Core. Of course he was met with the same groans and catcalls he gets any time he tries to roll this canard past the assemblage but he really doesn't care. He says it anyway. It doesn't matter to him what anyone is saying or has said since the night he got spanked and pantsed in Spackenkill. Of note he did actually say he wonders if anything is Common Core is being rammed down everyone's throats too slowly. Yes he said that. His point was that too many kids are taking remedial courses when they get to college. Once again he proves he's not only NOT LISTENING but he's miles off on some oppositional tangent digging himself in even deeper. In essence King's saying I know kids hate school and their activity time has been slashed in favor of test prep, they've given up recess, art, science and history and their teachers and parents are losing their minds. But maybe we should have made it even worse. This really isn't as bad as I wish it was. This is the best John King can do with 85% of a forum's speakers tell him he is dead ass wrong and needs to change course. His best thinking is to say they're right, we need to go even harder. Wow. 

As for Old Bob, well he sat and looked around and nodded his head to hear his dentures clack together and he did his best to support his little puppet Spinocchio. Filling in for Madame Tisch whose broom has some mechanical troubles here in the damp lake air, Old Bob managed to register his disdain for the rubes and rabble sniffing that he's never been to a public forum with so many interruptions. I wonder did he begin the sentence by saying Well, I never...? Emeritus Interruptus also went on record, which we learned by way of Test Refusal Czar, Chris Cerrone,  as referring to anti Common Core attendees as "a vocal minority." Just love the snotty language they use and the way they refuse to hear what everyone is telling them. Instead they attempt to marginalize the majority opinion and flip the equation to make it look as though they are the ones with all the support and their critics are obviously "disgruntled" "special interests" and "vocal minorities." 

Someone better get Old Bob a large print edition of the Hudson Valley United site. While he's busy calling 85% of the forum's speakers a "vocal minority"  -- what fucking math classes did he take by the way? -- another vocal minority who also happens to be a fellow New York State Regent is hearing our concerns and he agrees : 

 In a meeting with parents, educators, and union leaders,  Regent Harry Phillips resounded the cries of public school teachers and parents from across New York. “We botched this,” Regent Phillips said, describing the Danielson rubric as “impossible,” the current testing of special education and ESL students as “cruel” and SLO’s as “stupid.” ...Regent Harry Phillips noting that the “cruel testing of SWDs and ELLs without accommodations calls for civil disobedience” to resolve.                 Story here. 

It's eye popping  enough when Diane Ravitch uses the term "Civil Disobedience" but when a New York State Regent throws it out there you have to know something's up. Guess Old Bob better get some batteries for his hearing aids Bob cause one of the guys at the Regent's table is saying the same things all of us have been saying. You botched it. Danielson rubrics are impossible (of course they are that's why Old Bob and King want to use them so badly)  your idiotic torturing of ESL and special ed kids by denying test mods is cruel and your insidious SLO's are stupid. Hmmm, looks like there's someone has been listening. Before you go trying to marginalize your opponents Bob, maybe you better have a chat with your friends first. And if you think you've never been interrupted like you were in Jamestown, just wait til you bring your clown show to B-Lo. It's on like Christmas lights, homie. 

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