Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The King Approacheth, All Hail the King -- O.K. Maybe Not...

Well friends it just keeps getting better from where I sit. It appears Lil John King got his arse handed to him in Central NY last night by the usual suspects - parents, teachers and sentient beings who've caught onto the systematic child abuse he and his pals are inflicting on our kids in the name of paving us all over and turning us into one big mediocre, money grubbing charter chain. Seems the little guy is taking major heat for the stupid and byzantine illogic of the Common Core. 

And in typical political appointee sans people skills tradition King deflects the criticism away from David Coleman's Droppings instead trying to pin the true source of the  problem on local folks and their ineptitude in implementing the steaming pile of emetics Bill Gates paid the current College Board CEO to produce. Before King shows up here in B-Lo or actually in Williamsville as I am not sure he can land his B-1 Stealth airplane anywhere in B-Lo, he has to travel to what may be more like Fort Apache than he'd ever imagined a prosperous well heeled place like Long Island.  What's fun for me and other Schadenfreudeans is the friendly competition I feel bubbling between the various communities. If Whitesboro made him squirm, then we have to make him cry. Well if Long Island made him cry then Buffalo is going to... Oh the fun never ends when one of the bad guys finally ends up getting clobbered on the ropes. I am a bit leery though of King's intentions to come here. Or Long Island for that matter. Take a look at the loophole he's left himself in the announcement :

NYS PTA is providing you with this opportunity to gather information, ask questions, and share concerns with NYS Education Commissioner John King and/or other SED Representatives at one of five town hall meetings around the state. You are invited to attend whichever session is closest to you:

October 10: Spackenkill HS, 112 Spackenkill Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY
October 15: Garden City HS, 170 Rockaway Ave, Garden City, NY 
October 16: Shenendehowa HS West, 970 Rt 146, Clifton Park, NY 
October 24: Williamsville North HS, 1595 Hopkins Rd, Williamsville NY 
October 30: New Hartford SHS, 33 Oxford Rd, New Hartford NY 

The meetings are scheduled to take place at each location from 
7pm to 9pm and will be divided into 3 parts:  Introduction, Questions and Statements.

...and/or other representatives...

Well from what I have failed to see of this cat so far it would be in line with his invertebrate leadership to blow off Buffalo. I think he's still holding a grudge against us for the time Jimmy Dubz Williams packed his overnight carpetbag and bounced when King came here as Steiner's poop boy to give Dubz a little spanking. Or is it because Phil Rumore and BTF led a walkout in the middle of his stupid speech while Dick Ianuzzi fawned all over him and apologized that Rumore and his troops were actually behaving like real union members in flipping off this arrogant pup of an appointee ? Hard to say for sure and it's pretty clear he's got no love for Pamela Pearls Brown these days what with all of his pointed questions to his cheering section at the Buffalo News  about leadership in Buffalo Schools. Kind of funny this joker challenging anyone on their leadership. A little like Moe forking Curley in the eyes with both fingers and calling him and Larry immature. So let's see how the road trip goes. The smart money says the little Commissioner Who Can't blows a tire or throws a rod and ends up in the Henrietta rest stop waiting for AAA at the Starbucks calling ahead to tell his one of his toadies to take the mic and run the show. It's win/win folks. Either he shows up here and catches a Caz Park blanket party (metaphorically of course) or he turns and runs. Matt the Rat's got it at 3:1 No Show but assures us the line is fluid and will be moving after Long Island. Please know your limit and bet effectively. 

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