Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Couple of High Rollers Cruise Into City Hall

Looks like the Mary Guinn gravy train is pulling into the station here in B-Lo folks. Someone finally caught on that Pammy Pearls seems unable to do her job without a circle of hand holders and Elena Cala running interference for her at the castle gate. The new board members and John Licata are pointing to the fact that Guinn is costing more than Persona non grata and unfunded mandate Judy Eliot and more than the be-pearled one her own self. When the help costs more than the boss you've got a problem. Ands what's more, Guinn has brought along a crony from her days in Tulsa OK-  where she was shitcanned in a restructuring and in Gary IN - where she was shitcanned due to falling test scores. Guinn's nebulous job description which began as an Interim Deputy Superintendent has since morphed into Consultant. She gouged the district for almost $10,000 in travel expenses in July and August alone yet Board President Nevergold is quick to rush to her defense. $5K a month for summer travel, James Williams is going to be after her digits.  Anyone see a pattern here folks? 

Instead of securing a tidy little apartment somewhere near work Guinn has been holing up at Embassy Suites with her pal Yamilette Williams, whom Guinn has also been able to tack on to the payroll vouching for Williams as they hung together in Tulsa and Gary, two places that saw fit to send Casino Mary packing. I say that because someone sent me a screen shot of her Facebook page before she wised up and put it on the DL and the thing looked like a brochure for a gambling junket. Apparently, Guinn consults at the tables as well. And if Tulsa and Gary aren't anywhere near some friendly card games I'm probably not Irish either. 

Well according to ChipotleQueen's critique of the digs in Gary they could use a touch up :

I get free stats at the Majestic Hotel because of my frequent playing. I had never stayed in the rooms until a week ago. I was verrrrrry disappointed in the rooms; dingy (carpet stained, wall paper peeling off of the walls), dirty (hair in the bathroom, lamp shades had mysterious stains, dead bugs smashed on walls). This hotel needs to be renovated! I'm sure with all the players coming in spending their money, renovations can be made!!! I will never use my free nights to stay there again!! I will play at the majestic and stay at the Ameristar!!!!

Here's a write up of one of the Tulsa millionaire making joints from Mike : 

“Freak show on the weekend!”
Reviewed April 8, 2013
My wife and I go here and brave the smoke occasionally. It is smokey, and we dont smoke, but we arent really bothered by it. They have great bands all th etime there. Seems like every mentally challenged person and or homeless person is out there dancing on the dance floor. Hilarious!!! When you see someone being pushed around on the dance floor asleep in a wheelchair and the pusher was dancing around her with a brew in his hand. Priceless!!

Well Mary, I hope you and Yams enjoy the new pad and if you need a hand boxing up all your stuff from the Suites I am sure the lads from The Service Center will be more than happy to help. Maybe head up to the Falls to see if the action is any better there than Buffalo Leak. Or bust out those passports -- cause I know you got em -- and cross the bridge to some real action. Remember though they pay you in purple money and twoonies and they don't use pennies so revamp your tipping strategy before you go. 

Curious to see if the Board of Ed's Gang of Four can find a fifth to spirit Mary to her next location. 

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