Thursday, July 11, 2013

PamelaCBrownPhDharvard Says She Has a Million Dollars. Let's See it then Pam...

When last we spoke the re-shuffling of the Titanic's deckchairs had netted Superintendent PamelaCBrownPhDHarvard a cool million in savings. Pam couldn't prove this factoid by any empirical means nor could she say exactly how her hiring an entire full court press of Talent Managers, Excellence Review Chiefs, Rigor Coaches and College and Career Readiness Facilitrixes was going to leave 2 pennies of her million to rub together but c'mon nobody bought that million dollar savings crap did they?

Again the Board and its ne'erdowell Superintendent Brown are assuming the worst of the City of No Illusions, namely that we are so dumb and dopishly preoccupied with the Bills and Sabres, 4 alarm fires on Eyewitness News and wings specials at bars that none of us will catch on to the shell game they are playing with their "million dollar savings" allegedly. Here's the newly elected Board President thinly veiling her contempt for the citizens and students of B-Lo with a fresh heap of steaming shite :

Board President Barbara Seals Nevergold praised the new model as a means of addressing criticism of the district has being “top heavy” in City Hall with people who shuffle papers but don’t contribute to student achievement. She also praised the $1 million in district savings but had no information on how that savings figure came about.
Kierra Knightly 

City Hall Paper Shufflers 

City Hall is Top Heavy with paper shufflers? City Hall makes Chesty Morgan look like Kierra Knightly. While certain Board employees might have been given a pass in the past by certain other wags at Da Nooze, I am here to speculate out loud as to how much longer PamelaCBrownPhDHarvard will continue with her half truths, her look of doltish bemusment and her inscrutably obnoxious tendency to play coy with the new education writer Sandra Tan. I am counting no fewer than 3 current references from Tan to Brown's refusal to match her "savings" against the payroll outlay for all of the new cabinet pieces and excellence enforcement units she will be deploying in a locust like swarm  over the B-Lo schools.

In spite of Ms Tan's diligence the pearled one continues to lurk in the shadows refusing to answer the questions as she wears a path to Kinko's on resume day. Attack Assistant Elena Cala who takes on all callers, visitors and emailers with a rigor not seen since Bill Gates figured out he might just score with Melinda and set about standardizing it since it hadn't happened up til then. Here's a little glimpse into the Blackwater like shepherding provided to the last failed Superintendent Mr. J Dubz Williams who was unceremoniously run out on a rail as befitted his status as  a shithead carpetbagger.\While Tan is yet to face off against Elena Destruction she is making her presence felt in the way she's clamped down on the smart business suited leg of Pamela Brown and refuses to let her go until she admits there is no million dollars, there is no tooth fairy and VH-1 can pound salt if they think they are getting so much as a viola string returned to them. Being PhD'd from the Ivies does not preclude the good Super from engaging in a little ghettofabulosity if it suits her. So they gave a bunch of money and instruments to the schools with the understanding that music cuts would be avoided. And now the music department is getting King Solomonized right down the middle thanks to the cutesy new budgeting scheme brought here by the reform crowd. Well VH-1 among others is now crying foul and demanding their stuff back as well as promising to end all future donations. The 6th Sorority Sister plugs her ears and in her best Pee Wee Hermann croaks I can't HEAAAR YOOOU! Forgive my less than stentorian tone in this post but as this bunch tilts into surrealism and the absurd I am digging my nails in and trying to hang on.

I would be remiss if I failed to include in any discussion of Ghettofabulosity the antics of edu-gadly and self appointed Sargeant at Arms to the Board Ms. Kat Massey who out doped herself and sent a shiver of jesus effing keee-rist through the assemlage of Carl Paladino's first board meeting. I close with this gem of inarticulate yet authentic frontier gibberish. Skip ahead to 1:15 to hear her rant.

Whoops wrong clip but close...

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