Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fidel Castro Signals NYSED/Pearson Appointee King a Big Thumbs Up

In an act befitting only the truest of fathead ideologues NYSED Commissioner Lil John King hath loosed the lightning of his terrible swift reform upon the students of B-Lo Public Schools. King, scratching his chin and looking over the map, needed to launch a monkey wrench into the school system as "reformers" are prone to do desperate as they are to maintain the feeble mirage of "failing schools" they've created. By royal decree King has determined that any kid "trapped in a failing school" as they say in reformspeak has the right to transfer to a less failing school for lack of a more pejorative term.

So get this parents of kids who've worked hard to get your kids into upper tier schools and made them do their homework, respect adults at school and generally succeed the old fashioned way -- your kids are now going to be bumping elbows with the kids whose parents think they smell a freebie; who think the school owes them something; who think their kid can f-bomb any kid, teacher or grown up who "gets in their face" who never come to school and when they do they only disrupt and obstruct anyone else from learning. Yes folks, the slugs are coming to a school near you because people like the Commissioner of NYSED think teachers are to blame for "failing schools" and no kid deserves a school that is not "failing." 

Great pointy headed neo liberals who spend their days doing the bidding of their corporate masters like McGraw Hill, Inbloom and Pearson often soothe their guilt with Quixotically stupid acts meant to demonstrate their solidarity with the oppressed. The result is anything but philanthropic however as hustlers always know an easy mark when they see one (Sam Radford). So when the great neo liberal clarion call to freedom blows they can't scramble their dice, cards and cardboard box fast enough to see how else they can get over on the man. The parents (failing parents) from the dysfunctional families (failing families) from the worst neighborhoods (failing communities) are going to be turned loose on the so called few schools in Buffalo that the eduprivatizers haven't been able to call "failing." Parents and students who attend school faithfully, follow the rules and hold up their end of the educational compact are going to be rewarded by having their good schools overrun by kids whose parents think transferring a kid with spotty attendance, no work ethic and an adversarial attitude towards authority is somehow going to transform their little monster into a Fullbright Scholar. 

Pamela Brown PhD Harvard appears to be maintaining her composure as she dabs edu-egg from her face after the fearsome professional backhand King has delivered to her hopes of smiling alongside him for any more photo ops. I think she said she  has her people looking into it but the question remains, does she even have any people yet?

Think of it as a Mariel boatlift of education right here in the Queen City. 

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