Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No Liberal like a Phony Liberal

POTUS in Scumbag Steve Hat, So Appropos

A few times over the past few weeks I've tried to call in to the so called left wing radio station hoping to make the point with Democratic Party operative Bill Press that his hero in the White House is killing public education. The screener is always very interested to hear me out and sounds very surprised to hear the things I am saying against everyone's favorite President. Invariably, they don't get to me. So today on the ride home I was listening to the afternoon talking points of the Party Faithful when Randi Rhodes began to fawn over the teachers in Oklahoma who saved their kids from the tornado. All well and good, of course. These are remarkable people who clearly didn't take a job teaching in Oklahoma to build up their million dollar portfolios. My objection is the isolated,  rare and random warm fuzzies these righteous media heads, political hacks and editors toss out there as much for their own applause that they are recognizing such insignificant people as 6th grade teachers and calling them heroes. The rest of the year these same teachers are heaped with invective from all the same sources, they're :  overpaid, underworked, mooching at the public trough, hypo rigorous, inefficient and failing. They need to be held "accountable" they need to "start pulling their weight" they need to have their schools "run like a business." 

Suffice it to say today's attempted call in didn't go well. After the host finished her self serving tirade of blandishments towards the heroes of Oklahoma another caller made the point that there are some real corporate sell out Democrats in Washington who are keeping the country from going forward. The host replied that this was indeed true and she proceeded to name a Dumbocrat who'd done something back in 2010 and was currently trying to be coy about his motives. I didn't catch the name as I was a little amazed that she'd admit such characters exist. I made the point to their screener that as long as we're going to shower teachers with hollow praise for one day then talk about sell out corporatized Democrats in the next breath why don't we combine the two subjects and talk about the biggest corporate sell out Democrat in D.C. namely the guy sitting in the White House. Now I have never heard an F bomb screamed out during the consecration of a Catholic Mass but I imagine the gasp of horror the poor call screener emitted in response must have been pretty close. He then launched into a patronizing "explanation" that there are two sides to this situation and much of what I said, which was mere "opinion" was also "yet to be proven." I have been hearing this for years, MY SISTER is a teacher the guy sniffs. I don't care about your sister I AM a teacher and I am calling to ask why none of you will ever speak the words Ed Reform, or address the way your party has betrayed teachers and their unions after pimping them for votes. So he tells me if I get loud with him or raise my voice at him I don't get on the air and he hangs up. Naturally I have to call back and ask if he always hangs up when he loses an argument. He begins to tell me that my opinions are not facts and I ask him to explain what the President's dear friend Rahm Emanuel is doing to Chicago Schools in the name of Race to the Top. The guy repeats his meme that I raised my voice to him and my opinions are just that, there are two sides to everything to which I may or may not have employed the phrase neo-liberal cowardly fuckhead and hung up. In short a very irritating ride home but a lesson in the party armor of the Dumbocrats. Don't call their radio shows as one demanding accountability from your party. Call instead claiming you're a conservative and lambasting them for their stupid liberal climate change theories and they'll talk to you for ten minutes. Call defending poor President Obama from those mean GOPeeps and you'll get an easy 5 minutes. But call demanding  accountability and responsibility from the party you've aligned yourself with for most of your 52 years as an earthling and you'll be told your attitude is never going to win you any beauty contests. I am tired of middle of the road corporate Dumbocrats and their godawful whiney noise machine. Ward Churchill is speaking tonight at Burning Books. I need a fix of some radical stuff. Hoping for a little enlightenment or at least a few laughs. #FBIwatchlist   

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