Sunday, May 12, 2013

More Hardball from Governor Numbnutz

Anyone else starting to notice our Governor is a one trick phony? When he muscled his anti gun bill through in the dead of night it was nothing new to those of us who'd been paying attention. The true magic of Cuomo's SAFE ACT, however,  lies in the way it radicalized thousands, possibly tens or hundreds of thousands of people who'd been all but apolitical up until its passage. Now I am seeing home made rear truck window decals one on Main St. last week fashioned of duct tape blaring the message CUOMO SUCKS. One pair of activists headed south on 219 a week or so ago spelled out a similar message on their rear window using modified assault rifles for letters. I have seen Calvin pissing on Cuomo, REPEAL the SAFE ACT stickers and variations on a theme of the governor's facility to perform prison style oral gratification. Had Gubner Andy not rushed in where angels fear to tread in his mad dash to the white house, I am guessing the majority of these newly politicized citizens would be rolling in their customary Dale Ernhardt #3 with halo, Calvin pissing on Obama, Chevy, Ford or imports, The Bills, John Deere, etc. etc. etc. In short he poked a sleeping dog and now it's pissed and wants a piece of his achilles tendon. These people will not be voting for him or donating to his campaign in 2016.  In the fallout of his disastrous gun bill, which was was so ridiculously hurried through to passage that it outlawed the guns most law enforcement agencies use, Cuomo has shown no sign of learning a damned thing from his mistakes.

We're Going to Test this Kid Until he Pukes
This past week he's attempted to make ultimatums to the Seneca Nation regarding their casino operations. He might want to email Patacki to see how well that worked out last time Albany tried it.  He's about to go to war with Canada over Peace Bridge management and the week before that he was suggesting the Buffalo Teacher's Federation had engaged in fraud by attaching an M.O.U. to an APPR agreement. In short the emperor has no class. He has shown himself to be nothing more than a political bully who stomps around making threats and looking for spineless sycophants who are willing to put up with his bullshit in return for political favors at a later date. Andrew Cuomo is a failed diplomat who won the governor's seat mainly because the other candidate was so outrageous, such a laughingstock and a bad joke that many people simply voted Cuomo because they couldn't even imagine the looney bin New York would become under the leadership of Carl Paladino.
Let's Test this Kid til He's Crying and Totally Covered in Vomit

Speaking of which, and I don't intend to fan his flames any more than they all ready have been,  I find the Buffalo News in the hilariously awkward position of almost rallying around Carl and trying to prop him up as an agent of change. Meaning of course they think he might hate the teacher's union and Phil Rumore almost as much as they do. But then again Carl's been calling them out for years and even plastered their dearly retired publisher Stan Lipsey's name on his wall of hate downtown where he periodically posts whatever spleen he happens to be feeling on a given day. My prediction is that Crazy Carl, as the New York Post called him, is going to last about half his term in the wackosphere that is the Buffalo Board of Education. He is going to end up like Eddie Albert's character on Green Acres looking around and saying is anyone else picking up on how completely insane everyone in this room really is? Yes, Carl Paladino is going to have to quit the Board of Education because he's too sane to put up with them. Remember where you heard it. Wait til he gets into a procedural go round with FloJo and Belton-Cottman and they both stare at him until he cracks and runs screaming from the room the way people do under the midnight sun up in Barrow Alaska. It's all cool to be a C.E.O. who can bark out orders and watch toadies jump and run for his coffee. But the Board of Education in this town is a far cry from Ellicott Development. He will have 8 other egos in the room who all think they have the right idea too -- well maybe McCarthy if he figures out they didn't misspell bestiality on the mailer will have an idea but let's say 7 other egos just  to be safe. Carl is going to demonstrate why millionaires and ed reformers HATE the democratic process and why Hannya and friends over at BuffaloRefinanceEd prefer their appointed school boards. The damned democratic thing has a way of marginalizing little big men and rich bullies. Imagine how Bloomberg would have cracked and flown off a building had he not been able to hand pick the suckholes on his so called Board. I look forward to the fireworks and I hope PamelaCBrownPhDHarvard keeps her pearls polished cause at least one of these board members is looking to make her the Margaret DuMont to his Groucho Marx. Let the Games Begin. 

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  1. I would like to see a video of this Margaret Dumont/Groucho team in action!