Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cuomo and King Get Their Fraud On, Pamela C Brown Puts Her Paws in the Air as NYSED's Girl in B-Lo

Gubner Andy Lacks Facts

Well I guess we can't call Gubner Andy a liar now can we? He opened his "fraud" comments with one of the truest statements I've heard escape a politician's mouth in a long time : I don't know all the facts..." So right you are Gubner, or ARE you? When Prince Andrew let fly with his sound byte heard round the world, insinuating that the M.O.U. -- aka Memo of Understanding, a common asterisk in the world of labor agreements -- is "borderline fraud" he really stuck his pointed head in a hornet's nest.

For starters Gubner, isn't "borderline fraud" a lot like "borderline pregnant?"  Last I knew the legal world had no rulings on "borderline" cases and unless maybe you're describing your own personality disorders, you'd probably ought to avoid such Glen Becklike verbiage. See Andrew knows fucking well there's no such thing as "borderline fraud" but once again the real intent here is to bloody the waters so what's left of his union hating knuckle dragger constituency will seize on a chance to criminalize them danged teachers even if it's only by the most specious and serpentine manipulation of language. Cuomo and his attack chihuahua Commissioner King thrive on fanning the anti teacher fires and every chance they get they attempt to hold teacher executions in the kangaroo court of public opinion.  Gubner Andy also throws around the phrase "side deal" conjuring up images of cigar smoking Phil Rumore cronies - never seen Edie gnawing on a Cohiba, but why let reality tarnish a good fantasy right Andy? --  and Pamela C. Brown, Ph.D. Harvard draped in a fur stole sporting bling up to her eyeballs signing some shady document on the back of a supplicant who's running an emory board around her toenails. Yeah Andy, them side deals. While Rumore attempts to shout down their bullshit pointing out that about half the districts in the Empire State have some sort of M.O.U. attached we get the usual  mealy mouthed little league softball response from Mr. Korn of NYSUT who actually challenges Rumore's numbers and says he has no way of tracking such data. Thanks Korny, we will all be sure to remember you and your fearless leader Dick Resignutti come election time. Do the words Ianuzzi and Resignation have anything in common ? Oh I think there's a common musical note between the two and the former ought to engage in the latter. If anyone else is feeling as though the state of public education in New York State would be best captured by an Hieronymous Bosch painting at this point you are not alone.

NYSED Executive Committee Meets to Discuss More Testing

Dr. Pamela C. Brown PhD Harvard has waffled, flip flopped and finally weaseled out the conclusion we all knew she was searching for, the one that will forward her career chances with the likes of John King and his edubiz connections. She refused to talk to the newspaper and flubbed the email she promised she'd send. Was she consulting the psychic friends network or Tony Robbins playbook? Was she emailing James Williams for directions for his input on What Color is Your Carpetbag? No, she was just trying to figure out a way to save face, stick it to the teachers and keep everyone in Albany thinking she is still their girl. Well done, Pamela C Brown PhD Harvard. Now all you have to do is live with your cowardice surrounded by backstabbers in City Hall who are all ready telling Mary Pasciak of the Buffalo News "she's in over her head."  What could possibly go wrong huh Pam? Oh and two of your supporters on the Board of Ed have inadvertently dropped out of the contest because they have trouble counting. Roz Taylor, a member of the Sorority Majority who proudly welcomed the fellow sister to town and honorary sister Ralph Hernandez who switches sides with the alacrity of a Pashtun warlord have been dropped from the ballot due to insufficient valid signatures. Taylor congratulated herself for working hard but admitted she hadn't worked smart. Yeah, no shit. Look who you brought in here as a Superintendent. Ralph is going to appeal his D.Q. I guess he might as well, it will get his name in the paper one final time before he resurfaces as a candidate for elected office in the next year or so. 

The latest from BTF is the BEST news I have heard in a looooong time. Screw appealing the validity of the MOU. According to the News and Phil it looks like we're just going to invalidate our compliance with the whole stinking APPR which is what a lot of us wanted to do in the first place. Let the Lilliputians in Albany keep money from our kids and let's see how well Cuomo's little attack chihuahua and NYSED fare in that court of public opinion they love so much when the parents who are all ready looking to murder them for their bullshit testing realize they're screwing our kids again in an attempt to bully teachers. In case these knobs haven't noticed they're not exactly winning any popularity contests these days. It's nothing short of genius for Rumore at this point to completely slam the door in their stupid faces and say go ahead and keep the money. And if anyone asks me I will be the first one on the line for a pre-Regents Exam strike. What would make these bureaucrats crazier than disrupting their sacred testing in June ? I think we'd all find out pretty quickly if Lil John King has a Psych Rider on his health care package. And if he doesn't I guess he can just pay out of pocket or get Whitney Tilson from Democrats for Ed Reform to scratch him another check.  In case you're still wondering, It's ON fools. 

Stay tuned for a little tour of Andrew Cuomo's FRAUDLENT pals and associates. If anyone knows FRAUD, it's this guy. 


  1. The Times has it's own "borderline fraud" story out tonight aimed at Cuomo over his patronage:

  2. Old RepresentativeApril 27, 2013 at 7:27 PM

    Phil unfortunately was wrong the first time around. We should NEVER have played their game. It's pathetic that we even signed the APPR in the first place.

    It better be on. Otherwise we sunk.

  3. RBE I found some amazing stuff on the head of his Joint Commission of Public Ethics Chair a lady named DiFiore who has her own nannygate and a boatload of related dirty laundry attached to her. Real classy Andy.

  4. OR - I agree we never should have danced with the devil and we should never agree to common core or any more of this bullshit testing from a company who can't find their number 2 pencil with both hands or this appointed little hack King sitting in Bob Bennetts lap talking shit. I am all about a pre Regents week strike. Let it draw out who really gives a fuck at this point?

  5. I was hoping that the URBAN teachers were not going to have to fight this battle alone. I was hoping that when the silent majority of SUBURBAN teachers realized that the APPR was going to unfairly affect their jobs, as well as ours,
    we would then achieve some solidarity and strength in numbers. THEN it would be "game on". Two of our local suburban districts, admins and board members, have publicly and in writing complained about testing and tying the tests to evaluation of teachers. THOSE are the districts where the parents are also complaining about the
    effect of the insane testing on their students. They GET IT. And as soon as they would begin to see their beloved teachers mysteriously disappearing from the profession due to high stakes test data, they would call a halt to the Commissioner Boy's silly games.

    But no. Once again, the urban teachers will have to fight this battle and suffer the legal consequences. Don't forget, we will have a new Board made up to teacher bashers and haters. They, and Albany are hoping (salivating, actually) that Buffalo will strike, so they can swoop in and waterboard us. Maybe make us sit in a hot summer school cafeteria and listen to Bob Bennett and his Commissioner Puppet do their ventiloquist act via skype? (Because we all know that the Little Commissar, er Commissioner, is afraid to travel to Buffalo without his Daddy Bob.)

    Urban parents have had their leadership, DPCC, hijacked by Buffalo REform Ed and the like. The leader of Buffalo ReformEd, James Sampson, will possibly be on our School Board. The Chameleons Polowitz and Friedman are highlighted in is fundraiser photos on his facebook page. Here is a blurb form one of Sampson's supporters:

    "We will never change public schools from a gulag of sub par education until we make the purpose of public schools education rather than a secure jobs program for people not qualified to teach."

    We urban teachers now need strength and solidarity. We need to ally with our other urban districts so as to not make this just about BUFFALO. We need to make this a STATE issue. We need allies and support. We need informed teachers.

    I'll end now. In the eyes of our new Board members, I am just another Sub Par Gulag worker who is not qualified to teach.

  6. Uplifting and inspiring. Thanks!
    But like I said, here in Buffalo, our parent group is run by Buffalo ReformEd. They are STILL pushing the "parent tricker" law to CLOSE our public schools and privatize them, meaning: give our buildings to those who seek to profit, like the Chameleons and Polowitz and Sampson. Sad.
    Sam Radford has done such a disservice to our parents and children by allying with elitists at BuffaloEdDeform. James Sampson is the Board President there. He is also on the board of the West Buffalo Charter, the group that includes the Chameleon Polowitz. Mr Sampson was AT the meeting where the deal to give 4 of our schools to the charter privatizers was revealed in 2011. He has been in on all of the Polowitz/Chameleon deals from the very beginning.

    We do not have strong leadership for our public schools from our Superintendent. She is a remote, robotic follower of anything that anyone with $$$$ says. When Wilmers wanted to give our jobs to TFA'ers earlier this year, she said "Alrighty, Sir". When Polowitz/Chameleon attempted to steal Waterfront and East High School earlier this year, she was silent. (If it had not been for some community members, in conjunction with the Board of Ed, our East and Waterfront teachers would be getting their haircuts right now.)
    She has created chaos with respect to the APPR. Her new organization chart, (on the district website) removes her even more from the "fray" of running an urban district. Why should she get her PhD mussy or her pearls in a knot when Say Yes is willing to do her job for her. She has no connection to the people or the children of Buffalo. The reorganization comes to us from Say Yes and it mirrors a document from the Eli Broad Foundation of School Deform. Say Yes is a Broad advocacy group. PCB is their vassal. They hired her AND they are doing her job, so in effect, they are running our school district.
    The decentralization of our district budget comes right out of the Broad playbook. Fund schools that have the most students, add a little more to that pot by using test scores as a sweetener, and watch the minority community schools start closing. Maybe then our parents will see what is happening. Too bad it will take down some schools and students along the way.
    Maybe then, as in the link above, our parents will be in the streets, along with teachers, pleading for mercy for our public school children.

  7. You notice too Carl is using the decentralization meme on his little list of must dos right after destroying the other members and kicking Phil out of town. Is anyone going to tell him that Phil is elected by Buffalo teachers not board of ed members? You know the suburban schools will come along as soon as they realize it's cool to fight city hall. Kind of the way their students mimic everything ours do except usually a year or so later? I am not worrying about Clarence or Lakeshore jumping into the fray alongside us. They will when they start to feel the heat which will be sooner than later the way King was seen in White Plains explaining to everyone there how awful they really are they just don't know it yet. In the meantime our best attack would be to follow the lead of Chicago and others like them who are fully engaged in the battle and are seeing some very marginal signs of victory against these corporate scum. They have been able to fool some of the people all of the time but they aren't doing victory laps and trotting around the bases as they were a while back. Now they find themselves having to fight hard and their opponents are growing in number. We have no choice but to fight and that's why I want to throw a big union monkey wrench into their precious fucking Regents exams in June. Public Relations ? Really ? What do we have left to lose? They are calling us frauds, we can't even correct our own exams, they are making Learning Disabled kidas take exams 5 levels above their cognitive abilities and saying that it's to keep school districts and teachers from claiming kids are learning disabled to boost their test scores? If there was a better time for a June strike than now I want to know when it was or when it will be. How many more punches do we take before we throw one back at these spineless pricks?

  8. You guys and gals have pretty much covered the rotten situation that is festering here and now.
    So, just a thought that may rile some parents enough to to make some noise.
    When parents become informed about how Cuomo has violated their best interests by turning over the private records of their children to the publishers, test makers , data collectors and any business that requests them ( for a fee), perhaps they will go ballistic as the gun owners have done.

    New York's Governor is the ONLY one so far who has agreed to turn every students' records over to inBloom. That private company has announced that the records will be stored in the "cloud" and they cannot guarantee their safety when they are transmitted all over the planet.

    If teachers and parents keep taking this crap without a fight...then they ( not their children) deserve the s#&t sandwhiches that the Governor, King, ReFormEd, the Chameleons and their cohorts are serving them.

    Public school boards and political appointees should take an oath to serve the interest of our democratic public schools that are open to all children. They should not be conniving to turn them over to private businesses. Is it even legal?

    When only five or ten children out of every 100 applicants are accepted to the Charters, the parents of the 90 who were refused or "counseled-out" might wake up to the fact that they have been fleeced. ( Their taxes will pay for the Charter students).

    I feel sorry for the children who are the pawns in this shell game. Guess where their zip codes are. That is where the rich guys concentrate the swindle machines... and enlarge their bank accounts and campaign war-chests.

    Integrity anywhere?...just hoping...