Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rush Limbaugh's Heroes of American Education

Back in December Conservative tv head Joe Scarborough lost his wig and broke with right wing fantasy long enough to quote fellow rightie Bill Kristol in declaring Conservatism to be a racket that allows a lot of people to say harsh things on the air and in books and become very very rich.  Those of us who actually know the price of a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk said welcome to the world Joe while fellow righties freaked, attacked him and ran screeching to their brokers with their hair on fire.

And speaking of rackets, getting very rich and harsh bloviation, the patron saint of all three, Mt. Limbaugh was overheard the other day pimping for a place called Hillsdale College. The bloated one enjoins his drones to go online and take the "history" course offered free of charge from this august citadel of right wing gibberish. He neglects to mention that it's likely Credit free as well but hey that's not his problem now is it?

So what do we know about Hillsdale College other than they're most famous for rejecting federal and or state monies in exchange for the right to micromanage their students, bar gays, muslims, left handers and essentially run the place like it's North Korea where whatever they say goes. And how you ask does any college fill the gap left by government funds? Wealthy right wing donors of course. I did find a little tribute kicked in by the Koch Brothers and it's no secret that the place is a favorite destination of rich Catholic businessmen looking for a way to buy an indulgence.

But the real hero and patron of this place, the guy who glued together the entire picture of your post modern conservative hypocrite, priapic scumbag is their penultimate president who resigned as all good conservatives do in a cloud of scandal, disgrace, financial mismanagement and outrage.  George Roche III dumped his wife of 44 years when she came down with cancer (Newt and McCain's playbook) and 5 months later he married a new healthy wife. Later that year when the old man was laid up in the hospital with complications from diabetes, his daughter in law and son George IV came to visit him. During the visit his daughter in law Lissa outed their sexual relationship that spanned 19 years of the 21 year marriage. Roche's daughter in law then returned home, wandered off into a quiet spot on the campus with a .38 revolver and killed herself.  As news of Hillsdale's financial savior's scandal spread the elder Roche moved hastily to compose a resignation letter before they could fire his nasty old ass. George Roche III was the one who panhandled millionaires and billionaires amassing a trust worth hundreds of millions. He was rarely seen at campus events and was something of an absentee landlord to the college but it was accepted and allowed because everyone knew he was shaking down rich righties to build up the war chest that would allow Hillsdalers to thumb their noses at Uncle Sam and the State.  Here is a snippet from the resignation letter of Rush Limbaugh's patron saint of American education :

“We have proved that integrity, values and courage can still triumph in a corrupt world,” he wrote in his letter of resignation. “Hillsdale College is a monument to those beliefs.” His statement made no reference to the firestorm raging at Hillsdale. Read the article in Salon here.

The same  libidinous phoney who is said to have boned coeds, wives of colleagues as well as  generic staffers with impunity also railed in personal writings about greedy and overvalued college presidents earning over (gasp) $300K at some universities. He neglected to mention that he paid himself somewhere in the half million range and when he bailed took somewhere around 3 million to take his new bride on a honeymoon.

To the shock of nobody anywhere Limbaugh like all the reform leaning know nothings loves to bray about great teachers. His paid shilling on the radio for this institution makes the case for Great Teachers the only one of whose name I recognized was Clarence Thomas. Yeah I am pretty sure Clarence impressed at least ONE of his students when he was stumbling around Oklahoma University's Law School with his collection of Pepsi can pubes and Long Dong Silver videos. I guess when Rush called teachers and other state employees freeloaders he wasn't referring to the Supreme Court judge. You know Clarence Thomas actually spoke in court back on June 14, 2012 breaking his streak of  non-verbal jurisprudence that stretched from February of 2006. Yeah, a Supreme Court Justice who goes seven years without speaking a single word must be a bang up educator with a headfull of great ideas, Rush.  I think racket might not be the right word...

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