Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buffalo Public School Administrators Respond to Opt Out Barrage : Let the Cowardly Lyin' Begin!

Typical Buffalo Public Schools Administrator Decries Opting Out from Standardized Testing

Well now. THAT didn't take long now did it? On saturday the OptOut-apalooza went on as scheduled at the Niagara Branch Library, a sentimental favorite of mine from many afternoons spent there teaching home instruction kids from the West Side. In short friends, the Cowardly Lyin' is all ready dribbling its way down from Mt. Administratus just as we knew it would. Several colleagues have all ready shared the news that their building admins. are rushing to and fro with fire extinguishers searching high and low for the spark, smoke and or flames of the coming insurrection. Some have asked teachers to clue them into what went on over the weekend and others are planning announcements to the student body (which we can all assume is meant for their teachers as well). My favorite screaming meemie administrator story though is the school who is asking any parents or students with information about other kids and or parents planning to opt out of standardized testing to bring it to the attention of the Assistant Principal. To which I say where the hell was all this "vigor" -- in the argot of the Common Corpse -- when Fosalade Odaleelee was running roughshod over your timid, submissive administrative asses? And now that she's circled City Hall on her  knockoff Louis Vitton broomstick and written "Surrender Amber" in red smoke over the city and disappeared with a purse full of Chop House silver -- NOW you're all going to get up off your knees and start coming after parents?  Well then I guess it's on folks. 

From what I'm seeing and hearing ya'll are going to have your hands full between now and the middle of April. Shucks I heard Bob Bennett is even taking Lil John King into the puppet shop for some fresh strings in case they have to go on a talking tour. The message is that parents are not allowed to Opt Out, it's not legal and it will HURT THE SCHOOL. Well I guess that remains to be seen now doesn't it? Now that NYSED, King and Cuomo can't threaten to withhold Buffalo's RtTT money as we've agreed to their asinine APPR, it appears a new round of threats and bullying is in order. It's starting locally and surely more flatulence from NYSED, Cuomo and that toothless bobbleheaded band of misfits they call The Regents will be forthcoming.  Time for a little Civil Disobedience at the very least my friends. This shit has to stop and the sooner the better. 


  1. The gun lobby made it very clear to the Albany "Lords" that the "Serfs" were not going to let them walk on their faces with the SAFE law crap.

    If the teachers and administrators do not rally and rail against them, the "Lords of bulls**t" will walk over, not just on their faces, but all over their careers.

    Little John thinks it is "fair " to evaluate teachers with the test scores...he said so.

    If no child is taking the tests, then the non-scores can't be used to screw teachers and close schools.
    So...get on with it, and I'll be there. How about now!

  2. Yikes! Another "helper" who can't keep a job, or gets "bought out" ,enthroned on the 8th floor of City Hall. How many thousands for the search to hire her?

    And how about the threats to parents if they OPT-Out of the endless testing? That's real leadership. They know full well that parents can keep their children home or fill out a form that requires the schools to accomodate and teach the kids who are not taking the tests.

    I hope the parents stick up for their children in this situation. The theft of time from learning is criminal.
    Time testing and practicing for tests is time wasted.

    And how about the State creating a huge data base of test scores, names and addresses, and other private information for each child who takes the tests...then gives it all to any corporation who may want to sell their books, DVD's, workbooks etc.. This is so out of hand ...it is unbelievable!! The State Ed Department ( and the governator)are proving that they are corrupt. They don't make Jockey shorts (or Dockers)big enough for these clowns, I think size XXXXXXL is the largest size.

  3. Depending whose story you believe we are being told Dr Pamela Brown hired her or NYSED hired her or maybe SAYYES! Hired her. I guess now we can also ask who is going to pay her salary? And what happened to our last extinguished educator? Is she back to her various other consulting gigs full time now?

  4. Part of the contract with Cross and Joftus, the consulting firm hired by Say Yes, includes the services of an interim deputy superintendent.
    Here is what Mary Pasciak wrote:
    "Mary Guinn, a former superintendent of Gary, Ind., started in that role last Monday. She is not an employee of the district, Brown said, but an employee of Cross and Joftus. “She works with the district, but at this point in time is not an employee of the district,” Brown said.
    The superintendent said she selected Guinn on the recommendation of Cross and Joftus."

    Cross and Joftus is the consulting firm used by Say Yes to find data regarding our district. The fact that Mary Guinn is an employee of Cross and Joftus is puzzling and suspicious. Was the Board of Education involved at all in this hiring decision? The fact that she is NOT a school board employee yet is making high level decisions is very odd and troubling. Why does a consulting firm have so much power in our school district and decision making?

    So, to answer Mr. Crowley's questions above, it seems that Say Yes, through their consulting firm, hired Mary Guinn.

    And, if you'll excuse me for saying so, it seems like the Superintendent is a puppet for Say Yes. It seems like our School Board got sidelined in this decision. It seems like a consulting firm making high level personnel decisions interferes with the power of a democratically elected School Board. It seems like our School Board does not have any vision or backbone whatsoever.

    And, we still pay our distinguished educator, Judy Elliott, a large
    chunk of change. She was imposed on Buffalo by NYSED.

    Bottom line, Pamela Brown was hired by Say Yes through the consulting firm, Cascade Consulting. Mary Guinn was hired by Say Yes through the consulting firm Cross and Joftus, and our distinguished educator, Judy Elliott, was imposed on us by NYSED.

    Nice work by those doofus lardbutts on the Board of Ed.

    Here is the link to the article referenced above:

    And if anyone enjoys following the horrendous, cash-laden, no impact, crass careers of the Superintendents and Deputy's in urban education, do your due diligence and follow the career of Mary Guinn. It is as sad as the job-hopping, cash grabbing careers of Brown and Elliott. It is how that crowd plays the game. Anyone wonder how much swag we'll hand over to Pamela Brown when she goes to a bigger and better district after being handed her very first Superintendent job here in the City of No Illusions?

  5. The suggestion to "send in the clowns" to help classroom teachers is one very big asinine mistake. The best way to help teachers is to put every available person back into the classroom and reduce class sizes. That would help.
    After many years...no one who came to help ever did. They were nice ..but no one is astute enough to walk in and come up with really constructive ideas on a forced "visit".

    The distinguished educator was a collosal waste of time and money. If King wanted her to run interference for him ...he should have told Say Yes to hire her. They are responsible for Dr. Brown.

    People are so darn gullible, they make me sick.

    You have their numbers, Sean! Thanks for keeping them on their toes.