Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two for Flinching NYSED...

As predicted the backlash against Hamburg and New York City is in full tweet. Let em talk. I would see some light at the end o the tunnel if I were to hear that Buffalo still hasn't voted on the APPR negotiated with the state. This hasn't been offered as an option yet and I am really wondering who is going to vote for it given the smug, strident hysteria bleating out of NYSED and Albany these days. And let's not forget Hurry Up Andy, the hero of neo liberal gun management. I am no AR-15 owner but living as I do in a rural area, I know more gun owners than non owners as neighbors. Guys who hunt deer and turkey with their sons as their fathers did with them and God bless em. But Andy went and pissed these boys off and they are not famous for letting a grudge slip their mind if you're with me. I know it's not like I just gave you dispensation for your SLO's but I think good thoughts are worth mentioning at a time like this. For my money Cuomo has just radicalized a bunch of guys who'd just as soon spend election day in their tree stand but now they've found a higher calling and they will return fire in the voting booth with everything they've got. If the GOP had a lick of sense they'd be trolling for these good ole boys anywhere camo if sold. And now that the mighty eye has twitched and all of that talk about the clock is ticking turns out to be what our students have some very clever names for. I guess we may as go ahead and start flinching at this guy to watch him jump. Remember when Rex put Mark Sanchez out wide as a receiver and he got punk'd royally by Drayton Florence? 

Not only did he shriek and flinch like a Biaaatch but then was grabbed by the jersey and flung on the ground in disgust. That's just the mental picture I have of anyone who talks shite then backs down. Solidarity friends. 


  1. This is a tad off topic, but from the
    Jan. 12-13 Wall St. Journal on Al Gore's Failure by Holman Jenkins Jr. :
    "..."But climate change and gun control have one thing in common. Their advocates are more interested in in asserting their moral superiority and denouncing their "enemies" than in making progress, which explains why there has been no progress."

    It made me think of the defamation of our public schools by the supposed elites who profess to know more about everything than anyone either on or above our planet.
    It took one day for gun owners to rally, and complain loudly about the way over-reaching of the slapped together Cuomo gun restrictions.

    We should take a clue from them. Unfortunately ,if teachers stay complacent and submissive, in two years many will be out of their jobs. That will really hurt the kids.

    Duncan, King, and Cuomo... total experience in Education... combined... equals three years.
    ( Political appointment to positions they are not qualified or suited for, do not count toward experience in education. They count as years acting on "the stage" in the political arena.)

    Since NY City BOE get until Feb. 15th ,does every BOE get the same postponement?
    Perhaps The Buffalo BOE and BTF can rescind their deal, and hold out for one year instead of acquiescing to the two year "plan". That two year plan covers the time needed to fire teachers who will be the victims of the blackmail used to force submission to invalid, untried, unproven methods to evaluate teachers that have never been used anywhere .

    If this were not so pathetic, I'd guess that it is a joke being played on us by some Frat group who just finished a big keg.

  2. Gun rights. Check. Yesterday in Buffalo, approx. 2,000 protesters showed up to preserve their right to have guns.

    High stakes testing, unfair evaluation, corporate dismantling of public education? Crickets.

    Teachers take it to the blogoshpere. Gun rights activists take it to the streets.

    I'm guilty.

  3. Just found out...
    The principal at school 74 was not able to improve the the school in two years ( without help), so she will be gone in June. "Two years and out." Is this te beginning of of a long list of trashed careers in Buffalo because of the politics behind RTtT and NCLB? The alphabet soup of these junk mandates based on junk science is proving to be vicious as well as stupid.

  4. Yes, Chalk,
    The financial gift of RTTT just keeps on giving. Your Principal is not the first to be given the boot. Remember when James Williams thought he could say no to removing the Principals a few years ago in the first round of RTTT madness? Even arrogant JAWS got slapped down by RTTT. Look it up.
    Here's the thing, though. Your Principal will be reassigned. Their union is very strong and protective. Teachers, however, will not be treated so kindly when the APPRs get into full swing. WE are the ones that RTTP is really gunning for. The subjective nature of ANY APPR will give Principals the ability to get rid of any teacher within two years. That little gift from RTTT (Obama and Duncan) will be the real game changer. Commissioner King just needs to get NYC on board and all hell will bust loose for teachers in a few years.
    So, don't cry for your Principal. She will land on her feet in this system. YOU and your colleagues might not, though. Oh, and don't expect any of that SIG $$$ (or whatever they call the blood money now) that you might be getting to go toward anything but the hiring of "coaches" and other data producers. The data will be used against you, you will be beaten bloody by data, none of it will help the children, your instruction will be commodified and quantified and you will lose all autonomy in the classroom. The data fetishists will make you weep.
    Sorry for you. Your school and colleagues are at the beginning of a sad journey through RTTTland.
    Some schools are out ahead of you in this RTTT. The first "cohort" should be learning their fate this Spring after three years of increasing nonsense from RTTT. The PLA schools, now Priority schools.