Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The DPCC and Their New Dance Instructor Do the Hustle

One of the Rev's little fixer uppers that never quite got fixed or up

I am not sure what kind of a hot mess the DPCC and Sam Radford presided over at Pastorpalooza tonight but the only Pastor of "many" quoted by the ReformEdNewsletter aka The Buffalo News is none other than old "Pay for Play" Pastor Richard Stenhouse.  Rev. Stenhouse was invited to Housing Court for his failure to properly maintain a string of houses across the street from his Bethel AME Church, near the corner of East Ferry and Michigan and directly across the street from one of the City’s newest school renovations – Performing Arts.   He later resigned from the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority when he plead guilty in Buffalo’s Housing Court in 2007.  He’d been appointed by Governor Pataki to be the Control Board’s Secretary and Treasurer in 2004. The guy is a wired crook then? His insurance company had to pay $200,000 to an out of town contractor who alleged in legal papers that one of the unwanted conditions of any contract they'd land here in B-lo would include Stenhouse and an $80,000.00 paycheck. The company,  a Cleveland concern called NRP, apparently were so pissed at the hubris of this extortionate play that they hauled the good Rev into court and his insurer, likely after some legwork by guys with legal pads decided to punt and instead of shelling out $80K for someone's services they didn't want, they made the stiffs pay them. If you have half an hour or even a few minutes, this piece in Artvoice is all you ever needed to know about the DPCC frontman's new partner. And even more curiously, the most conspicuous East Side pastor of all and likely the one with most cred, Rev Darious Pridgen is not signing on with Sam's Band of Grandstanding "Reformers" any time soon. He stipulated that he's in favor of radical change but also implied he wasn't going to keep any of the change if these two are the chief radicals. It's getting a little Lindsay Lohanesque with this DPCC guy. First he tells all the kids to stay home from school. Then he bitches about attendance in the schools. He threatens to go on a hunger strike but then has a change of stomach and the topic is never broached again. So many of us were GPSing pizzerias with delivery we could use to send Hunger Sam a large cheese and pepperoni. It would have been the first hunger strike in history where the striker had to go on a diet afterwards. And now he's asking Jesus and Pastor Stenhouse to change the 44 "FAILINGSCHOOLS!!!" into miracle making charters by next Fall. What next? Serioulsy, what next?


  1. Can you just picture 44 mini school boards around the city made up with people like this ("like this"=grandstanding peeps).

  2. Peg (the absolutely frustrated one :[December 12, 2012 at 11:03 PM

    It seems like the whole country is being run by fools, crooks and bare-chested guys taking their own pictures to use on social media....or unqualified and stupid prevaricators trying to take over public schools...and other institutuions heretofore run by the government... and the super rich plutocrats...The links in Artvoice led to newly appointed Antoine, the Mayor's BFF.
    I need more than one barf bag tonight. Aargh!