Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Buffalo's Administrators Stick to the Plan of Leaderless Misdirection

Buffalo Public Schools are making their new suspension policy kinder and gentler to accomodate an out of town group and some loud mouths whose kids and grandkids come to school and act like animals and can't keep themselves from getting suspended. Funny I know a lot of mothers from the PTO at my old place Lorraine #72 whose kids NEVER ONCE were suspended. Is that because the policy treats them better because they're white? Funny, not all the moms and kids I am talking about were white but their parents taught them basic manners and they managed to get through all 12 years plus kindergarten without being sent home once with the dreaded business envelope in their hand.

What's even more bizarre though is the fact that a Buffalo administrator Keresztes has been working on this policy for some time now but has handed off  one of the state mandated explanation meetings to the public to a group called CitizensAction NY. This bunch has mainly a downstate presence and their website lists only one educational staffer for WNY. They also claim a tie to the UAW and to the Working Families Party. Good for them but I have to question how in love the UAW is with them when they have inserted themselves into this labor equation claiming they are advocating for students but realistically working against teachers whose only tool against some of these morons and thugs is the brief moment of quiet when they are suspended from ruining other kids' educational opportunities.

The other state mandated meeting to explain the new policy has been inexplicably turned over to the local corporate privatization shill group aka BuffaloReformEd. Why Buffalo Public Schools are allowing a group whose main objective is to close our schools and turn them into for profit corporate charters is beyond mind numbing. To allow these enemies of public education a free cheap shot at us and to let them stir up all of their charter swilling kool aid rabble so they can run us down and bray about "the children" as if any of them has spent one day in a classroom with "the children" is beyond insane.

But then again as Mary Pasciak the Buffalo Reform Ed reporter for the Buffalo Charter Newsletter reported, the meeting held the other night boasted a whopping twenty souls. No there's no typo, it said 20. And you know it was less than that or she'd have said dozens but she couldn't or she'd have been called out. Between these twenty and the less than 200 Radford's Reverends were able to round up for their Charterpalooza last week this has all the makings of a total bust. Sam can't figure out why so many parents don't even bother with his shite any more. Maybe serving tuna wraps instead of pizza and wings Sam or maybe it's because they have all figured you out as a race baiter and a hustler who couldn't give a shit about anything except your own power prestige and paycheck. With teacher hater and angry middle class black man Rod Watson in their corner, Radford and his homie Pay for Play scheme hack and city hall business tapeworm Rev Stenhouse were calling for all the "failing" schools to be shuttered and reopened in September as charters. Their online petition boasts a whopping 58 signatures. I guess when they whip up that 4942 others they're going to be unstoppable.

It doesn't look like anyone's about to throw a net around this freakshow any time soon so I guess I'll just take comfort in the ennui and apathy the community is rightly showing these stooges just as it did to SayYes! when they pretended they wanted community input on the schools and the Super. Buffalonians have heard all the bullshit from the best bullshitters going. We have survived the Rigas family and their lame Sabres, the Byron/Casey Circus, Ralph Wilson and James Williams. Does anyone really wonder why PamelaCBrown, Radford's personal possee of DPCCfolk and the reverend whose lack of being Darius Pridgen explains why he has ZERO cred in the hood or the schools. Here in the City of No Illusions we know illusions when we see them. This bunch isn't kidding anybody.

P.S. Is anyone else thinking they pulled David Mauricio out of Bennett and neutered him with that Community Superintendent gig to keep him from showing leadership and challenging Albany or City Hall on behalf of his teachers? His own CV holds its ground with Ommissioner King's and being a NYC hispanic who overcame his own obstacles in life he could very well have become a sympathetic figure to take on King. Mauricio's management style generates loyalty too. Name 3 other Principals in Buffalo who can say that. Yeah I didn't think so. Peace friends. 


  1. Peg > the astounded and chagrined one :{December 20, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    Just paraphrasing...

    No more suspensions for wandering the halls, skipping classes, using a cell phone, and dressing in "style " instead of following the dress code........Seriously?
    .It sounds like more "fun and games" than ever!
    ( as per the News article yesterday.)

    I pity the teachers and the kids who come to school ready to work and learn.

    I think it is reprehensible that these two "groups" were picked to "invite the parents" and run the meetings....!
    Don't we still have PTO's in each school building? , and a Board of Education?, and Administrators? who are TRAINED to do this sort of thing?

    The ReformEd group is run by privatizers and Charter School "wanna- bees"... They have pictures of Dr. King, Arne Duncan on their refrigerators ,they are so devoted to them.
    ( and they are drooling for the names of parents they have not had access to before.)

    It was funny how the TV cameramen made the 20 folks who showed up sit in short rows crowded together so the it looked like a big group. Then they forgot, and faded back so you could see that only a few seats in the whole auditorium were filled.

    I hope that the new code is not a lot of nonsense that makes things worse for everyone, especially the children, and their educations.

    I'm running out of those pint size "bags...gonna buy the quart size in the future. Aargh!

  2. Admins do not work with the children.....they just spend there days trying to catch teachers doing something wrong.....most admins think that students can and never do anything wrong. They are so afraid to stand up and do what is right. It boarders on being criminal. The admins would rather ignore what students do than step up and say "Wait a minute that is inappropriate behavior!". It is really a shame that this is where we are! Not even sure why you would need a code of conduct. It certainly is not for students.