Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why We Need Michelle Rhee to Replace Dunkin Arne and FAST!


Credible sources are floating the possibility that President Obama is going to replace Arne the Duncan with Michelle Rhee as Secretary of Education. Let me tell you faithful readers, both of you, ( Mom, you are still reading this thing, right ?) why I think this is a great idea. 

If Obama is going to smile for the cameras while Plutocrats for Hedge Reform bestow him with Laurels, a Hardy handshake and the title "Reformer in Chief" then let him come out into the light where everyone can see what he's up to. Paul Casseri wherever you are that line was for you. 

Rhee is so toxic and such a megalomanical psycho bitch that she will inevitably flame out on a grand scale revealing her truly twisted colors with her kiddie fiddler husband Kevin Johnson at her side. She can explain the disparaging remarks she's made about her own daughters (whose custody she relinquished the marry the first groper of Sac Town) as soccer players claiming "they suck" and revisit the hilarious escapades as a truly unfit teacher terrified of visitors seeing her for what she is and taping her students' mouths closed.   Rhee said it worked well until they actually arrived at the cafeteria. "I was like, 'OK, take the tape off. I realized I had not told the kids to lick their lips beforehand...The skin is coming off their lips and they're bleeding. Thirty-five kids were crying."Ha ha ha Oh Michelle, your cruelty and ineptitude are to die for, what a card. What would you do if your kid came home and told that story? Exactly. And if this bitch gets handed the reins she is going to pull a similar stunt on such a grand scale that it could well be the thing to bring Obama's house of privatizer cards down on the heads of all with edu-blood on their hands. 

On the same plane of logic I look forward with Schadenfreudean glee to the scrutiny Michelle Rhee will have to endure in such a high profile position. If she thought the excellent writers employed by the Washington Post (the majority of whom buck the paper's editorial lunacy of supporting the privatizers) were mean to her wait til she sees what the rest of the civilized world is going to throw at her. Arne is a likeable dork. Really, when you look at the guy and you hear how he almost made it in b-ball, playing in the Australian leagues, meh as they say, you almost have a hard time hating the guy. He just looks like a friendly hapless doofus who stumbled his way into the edu biz not knowing any better and along the way was persuaded that he was part of some noble enterprise that would stuff his pockets with cash.

On the fringe benefit side for Obama while this lunacy lasts he'd have Mr. Rhee, a real live NBA star with an undeserved rep as a stand up guy, at least for a while anyway, to play hoops with in his free time. Imagine that. Bye bye Brisbane Crocs benchwarmer, hello NBA superstar. Oh I can just feel the bromance in the air, the man crushes flying back and forth, KJ dropping a shoulder to let the Prez breeze by for a lay up. Simply magical. 

To paraphrase the fateful words of George W. "Bush Bring it on Bitches." 


  1. It would be nice to think that if Obama did actually replace Arne with Rhee, there would be a national response from all educators and their union leaders. Yes? But let's think for a moment of how fearful our union leaders are. How fearful our teachers are. How fearful our union leaders (at the national level) are. How fearful of losing their high paying jobs, I mean. In this scenario, I can see Randi Weingarten collaborating like crazy with Rhee and telling the membership to just drink, drink, drink, the koolaid. Yum! It's good for you!

  2. Peg ( ...not his Mom )November 11, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    Great picture of captures her real personality perfectly.
    I can't even imagine the excrement that will flow from the Ed Secretary's office if she slithers into the position. It is a frightening thought!
    Thanks for are really creative, Sean!

  3. I have to agree with the 'Mouse. I think they'd all be kissing her arse with promises to rheeform their teachers. Nothing is to be trusted anymore.

  4. Slimegarten was a guest on the Bill Press radio show Friday. I called, got through and unloaded such a stream of vitriol about her that the screener kinda paused and I said yeah I know you're not putting me on, the air. I'll pass it along he says. Yeah right. I know the national and state level union people are selling us out, good, let them do it in the light of day where they have to answer for it. As long as Obama can keep hiding in the shadows pretending he cares about public schools nothing will change. Putting this antagonistic bitch in power will take away the veneer Obama has used for the past 4 years to hide behind as he stabs us in the back. I say let's get this battle out in the open where everyone who wants to work for the corporate privatization of public schools has to own up to their agenda and answer for it. Bill Ayers points out how Obama recoiled and rightfully so from the idea of privatizing Social Security yet he somehow finds doing this to our schools and our kids acceptable. Where would SS be if it was in the hands of the bankers who fucked up in 2008? Where will our kids and schools be when they do the same thing all over again and pull up stakes in the middle of the night? Anyone want to revisit the Resultech Alternative school at #44 ? There's your paradigm for privatization gone off the rails. They fucked our teachers and our city's most at risk kids two weeks before xmas taking all their computers and materials leaving us nothing. But they kept every penny of the 7 million they stole.

  5. Obama has a stake in Social Security--he can collect from it someday. He has no f-ing stake in public schools (except to possibly make money on them). His kids don't AND NEVER WILL go to public school. I say let them do what they want. The American public will get what they ask for.

    And is it not interesting that Mary P. has never done a story on Result Tech? I mean, it doesn't matter now, but it's all under the same principal--stealing public money under the guise of "rheeforming" education and doing it "for the children." Seriously. I wonder why she is so in love with Hannya and her privatizing peeps?

    1. Just like the News was so in love with JAWs for the first few years. I believe we call them the "ass kicking years."

  6. I complained about that very topic to Jim Heaney - Pasciak and Esmonde's refusal to lift a finger if it will expose the privatizers and King and Cuomo and Campos. Heaney is retired but is now running some kind of an investigative reportage website or whatnot. He told me they aren't wrong just because they don't agree with me. I said it's not an opinion to agree with it;s an objective reality that there are tons of really slimey moves being made by these people at a very high level. Unqualified hacks being promoted by political cronies to positions where they can do a lot of damage to a lot of our state's kids. Essentially I emailed him to do something about them and he said stay tuned. So I followed it up with my gripes about the people at the News who only see one side of the story and insist there's nothing more to it. I admire Heaney's work and the way he blew open One Sunset but I think he's got a beef with Phil same as the rest of them that will keep him on the same side of the fence. Reality is we can't wait for or expect these lapdogs to borrow Heaney's own term to do anything but sit there and gulp down their master's biscuits. Little Brother has to be watching. I will credit George Sax of Artvoice though he is the one who has consistently written about the privatizers in a fair and accurate manner. The only reporting about Resultech in this city was done by Artvoice. I am not sure if Pete Simon was still emptying out his desk and couldn't be bothered during this or if Pasciak was on duty but not writing about it. Fact is The News found nothing to write about in a private company stealing 7 million and providing the city's most at risk students with a farcical excuse of an education. Their "data" would have been laughable if it hadn't been at the expense of our kids.

  7. p.s. I think Pascaisk and Esmonde's fascination with the privatizers and concomitant refusal to say a word against them stems from some fantasy that this is going to be the wave of the future of ed and they all want to play their little role in it so they can be duly recognized, awarded and praised as cutting edgers who stood up to the "union goons." You know the union goons like the 3rd grade teacher who brings in crayons, boots, kleenexes and cookies for her class. They applaud the the brave and fearless Hannya with her art history degree and her concern for kids that runs so much deeper than ours even though we know these kids and their siblings and their parents and their cousins. we spend hour upon hour meshing our lives with theirs and sharing their joys and defeats. But Hannya sitting on her arse in a RheeformEd office taking texts from Amy Friedman and Campos somehow loves and cares about these kids more than we do. Yeah, right. How about Polowitz couldn't produce ONE parent from either school who backs his get rich quick scheme. And then he has the balls to say he couldn't get access to them. With Sam Radford begging for scraps at their table every time they break out the checkbook we're supposed to believe he couldn't put them in touch with parents? They should all be republicans because they Lie Lie Lie.