Monday, September 3, 2012

What to Do While Not Voting for Democrat Sell Outs to "Ed Reform"

 Now that it's clear to all sentient beings that the Dumbocrats are just as determined or possibly moreso to undermine and end public education as we know it, the question arises every time - What do we do? Of course we couldn't vote for Mittens and that creepy little sidekick of his with the Eddie Munster peak. There are some who say as many did of Ralph Nader that a vote for a third party is a vote for Romney as well. I have no answer to this except we need to follow our conscience. But in the meantime I have come across this list from Diane Ravitch of things we ALL can do while we agonize about voting for more of the same from the people who honestly believe organized labor owes them something as they trot out Rahm Emanuel as a keynote speaker. WTF to the 100th power Dems. I have been seeing a lot of Sean Ryan signs driven into yards out my way. I believe Mr. Ryan is going to know who I am and what's on my mind in the coming week especially since he took the seat left open by Silver Spoon Reformer and Katie Campos booster Sam Hoyt. Look at the signs around you and call these people. Email them. Harrass the holy shit out of them until your racket is enough to wake the dead and damned. 

  1. Join Parents Across America. Their website is This is a group of parents who want to work together to strengthen public education and restore common sense reforms.
  2. Write your elected officials. Find out whether any Congressmen or Senators from your state are on the education committee in their House of Congress. Write the members of the education committees even if you don’t live in their state. Ask your colleagues to write letters to them. Write letters to the editor. Comment on education blogs. Call in to talk shows. Speak up at school and community meetings. Speak up, speak out.
  3. Gather a group of teachers, principals, and parents and schedule a meeting with your local legislator, your member of Congress, your state and local representatives. Prepare a list of issues and explain to them how federal and state regulations are harming their schools and what must be done to remove these burdens. Explain that what the media calls “reform“ has no evidence and is actually the opposite of real improvement. Remind them why public education is important and how it matters as a cornerstone of our democracy.
  4. Run for your school board. Run for elected office in your town, your city, your community, your state.
  5. Vote for candidates who pledge to support public education and to fund the needs of children and schools.
  6. Invite local civic and business leaders to spend a day in your classroom and school. Invite them to teach for a day.
  7. Build alliances between teachers, principals, parents, and the local community to support children and the school.
As the great Southern writer Flannery O’Connor wrote in a letter to a friend, “You have to push as hard as the age that pushes against you.”
This age is pushing mighty hard against children, against educators, and against the very concept of good education.
Let’s all push back as hard as we can.
Diane Ravitch

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  1. Great post, Sean!
    I think that you and DR. Ravitch are a great "team". I hope the busy school days coming up will still allow time for you to "Blog On" ...
    I wish I were taking the cheese bus with you guys and gals tomorrow or( whatever you are doing instead). I hope our unassigned teachers have their posts by now...whut a friggin' mess!
    As you said "Solidarity"! I'll be wearing my BTF shirt tomorrow thinking of all of you.