Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Smackdown Redux

Well it's just de'ja' vu all over the place here in the City of No Illusions.  First we had the re-Emergence of the Chameleon Charter Schools Group after sloughing off the humiliating smackdown their  hostile takeover plan met with at Waterfront. They have slithered out of their shady spot in all their characteristic tartuffery to once again rescue "the children" of  Buffalo public Schools from dedicated professionals working with outside professionals in a collaborative and competent manner.  Though none of them has an hour of teaching experience, or even any administrative chops, this random band of casuists and barristers, true to their "reformer" modus operandi somehow want to convince the community that they have all the answers. This remains to be seen. And from what was said by Board members in the paper, the chameleons may still remain to be heard tomorrow since there is some question as to whether the Board even wants to dignify them with an open mic in light of the reptilian end run maneuvers they've pulled to date.

And in today's headlines, Judge Whalen has sent the same Board packing in their bid to have the arbitrator's decision on 50% Stupid teacher transfers overturned. Simple fact folks, the Board of Education violated the contract with the teachers. This is also known as breaking the law in some circles. Just let any of us violate our contract with the Board and see how understanding they are about the transgression. It was widely noted that a high ranking Community Superintendent used to spend a great deal of time challenging teacher's doctor's notes for absences and in some cases even those from bereavement leaves. If they'd waste a person of that salary's time in such a petty and vindictive endeavor it's really hard for us to feel too badly for them now that they are the ones whose behavior is being termed illegal. Phil Rumore has done his shrug and "I told you this was going to happen" for the cameras, really, what's he supposed to say ? And now the Board has to decide their next step. They didn't like the situation so they agreed to arbitration. Then they didn't like the way the arbitrator ruled so they went shopping for a sympathetic judge. Strike two. The ball is in your court Boardfolk, maybe this might be a good time to pass it instead of getting stuffed on another lame slam dunk attempt. 

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  1. I'm curious about the logic of the "turnaround" plan.
    If the cretins who thought it up believe that the teachers are to blame for the low performance in the schools...then how does mixing them up and putting them in another low performing building change anything?

    The "turnaround" plan has never, worked. There is not one instance that the turmoil created by this process has ever had a good result...I've been looking all over the net. If someone has found one instance of its success...please enlighten me.

    None of this crap is "for the kids". A little honesty would go a long way.