Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fear and Loathing at the Polling Place - Don't Believe the Hype

I keep hearing this refrain from people who are afraid to turn their backs on the Dumbocrats the way the Dumbocrats have turned their guns loose on  public education and unions : to elect Romney would be unthinkable. Would it now ? An anonymouse tossed in a few worthwhile remarks in the comments on yesterday's post that essentially pointed out President Obama's cowardice in playing Switzerland while Chicago Teachers Strike to save their schools and kids from Rahm Emanuel, Penny Pritzker, Michelle Rhee and assorted other "reformer" scum.

Do We Need to Add Another Six? 

One point raised is the Romney/Ryan war on the Vagina. These homoerotic fratboys do not like the girls very much nor do they believe the girls have any business interfering with decisions made about their own uteri by rich powerful homoerotic men like themselves. They would like to change things so the girls cannot have access to safe and legal abortions. Because they love the feti and they believe in the Jesus and the Smith these two simply need to be able to tell all girls that this party is over and henceforth this unChristian and unMormon  medical procedure shall return to the alleys and grubby kitchen tables of the Boschean landscape in which they dwelt anteRoe vs Wade. I guess if you dig paranoid fantasy this is a doozey but I don't nor do I appreciate being asked to vote out of fear and desperation essentially enabling the Reformer in Chief to continue pillaging public education at will. Americans are pretty dumb I guess but I don't see us sitting still for this.

Another point raised anonymousely was teh gay marriage. If people are gay  -- and the lying slimey fratboys everyone hates to hell and back somehow rig enough voting machines and obstruct enough minority voters from voting--  paranoid fantasy #2 has it teh gays will no longer be able to marry. And whatever they had will be nullified. I find this paranoid fantasy fairly suspect as my experience with gay associates, colleagues and friends is they are hip to who is doing what to maneuver, maniupulate and/or bullshit them. The worst Obama really did was drag his feet on DADT. He played coy and played dumb but his sins were passive, they were omissive in nature. It was what he WASN"T doing that irked gay folks and their supporters. In my experience this one is turning, the country as a whole has caught up with the notion that gay people are entitled to participate in the massive divorce rate equally and without stricture on the same shaky footing as their straight fellow citizens. Even the looney right doesn't have the numbers to roll this back no matter how many black Baptist preachers they roll out.

So I am not buying either of these paranoid scenarios Stuck in the Mud Democrats are offering as inducement to vote for a guy who has been aggressively and deliberately attacking teachers and unions since Katie Campos got tickets from Sam Hoyt to cheer "O-ba-ma" 3 times in her breathless and spittle flecked guest blog entry on that priceless blograg DemocratsforedReform. What's more is I do not care if Obama loses. If he does he and all of his fellow Dumbocrats will have learned the hard way why politicians should never attack their base. I will trust the Senate to obstruct and filibuster The Neo-Con agenda with all the same passive aggressive obstructionism and mean spirited disunity the Grand Old Prevaricators have shown American these past 4 years. I will not use my vote to enable the Ed Reform movement or this duplicitous regime for another term. I would rather take my chances with a known enemy than go for a ride with this kind of "friend" on a dark road.

And is spite of my union's suggestion to race out and vote for Sean Ryan who was handed the seat when Silver Spoon Sammy Hoyt's party buddies tapped him as Sammy packed his fluffy towels for Albany, I am less than enthused with his explanation to the angry charter crowd why he voted to cut their funding. This is a snippet from Artvoice in which Jim Heaney seems to demonstrate that he doesn't know what the word "proscribed" means :  "He (SeanRyan) voted in favor of the Assembly version of the state budget, which proscribed a 15 percent cut in funding for Buffalo’s charter schools. Suffice the say the charter school crowd was not amused. Ryan defended the vote by predicting the cut would not survive budget negotiations, and he was correct: Buffalo charter schools were held harmless."   Not exactly brazen or fearless, that.  I repeat : I will start voting for Democrats again when they start acting like Democrats again. Ryan's strategically nullified vote does not show me anything except his politician's ability to cave in to both sides simultaneously ultimately standing for nothing. 


  1. Thank goodness someone is getting it. I completely agree, Mr. Crowley. I, too, will vote for the Dumbs when they start acting like Dems. They have shit on their base long enough. Perhaps if they lose they will learn.

  2. Romney seems determined to keep them in power. What an ass the guy is.

  3. I agree with both of you...are you guys going to stay home,spend the day in Canada, vote for Dr. Jill Stein, or sleep all day ?

    All of these are on my list of options, but I really don't know what to do.

    The anti- union millionaires have really swayed public opinion and it gets bleaker every day...depressing!