Monday, September 10, 2012

Apathy and Stupidity Post

Not sure if anyone is looking for anything on the CTU strike but I think today I will be a good teacher and talk about what's important. Did you know HE had his kids in the computer lab when I took MINE down there? My God, what the hell anyway? And WHERE the HELL are the sign in sheets anyway? This is such bullshit. You know they are going to call and we'll all have to stand in line and sign in for like 8 days in a row or NOT GET PAID. Ooooh, I'm boiling now. Oh Yeah what do you think about the Chicago Strike? You know a lot about that kinda crap. (Question was posed to colleague by an actual union rep)  Colleague responds :  I think Rahm Emanuel with the help of his Chicago Democrat Pal President Obama and the Billionaires for Ed Reform and the privatization of public education stands a very good chance of wrecking the Chicago Teacher's Union.  Hmmmm.... Who is Rahm Emanuel ? Seriously people ? Is that the best we can do? No wonder it's so easy for these corporate raider scumbag profiteers to pick off public schools. With a tuned out, dumbass "soccer mom" mentality fretting about computer labs and sign in sheets and all other matter of petty fucking bullshit, this so called profession couldn't be making it any easier to have its livelihood ripped out from under it.

Yeah I am in a mood partly because I also made the mistake of looking in on a Facebook associate whose posts are a good weather vane for which way the wind blows in his little hipster 20 something college educated liberal leaning circle. Wanna hear what "the kids" had to say ? "Fire their greedy asses and start over with NO Unions!" "They only care about themselfs (sic) not the students." They all make 70K and they are complaining about their pay. "They should all get in a foodstamp line so they can appreciate how GOOD THEY HAVE It!!!"    Now I am not sure if these are the "young voters" who ARE going to run out and vote for More of Obama and his pals' war on public education or if they are the ones who are now DISILLUSIONED and instead will just go get another tribal or chinese calligraphy tattoo and poke another trout lure through their incredibly original fucking eyebrows -- it's really hard to tell. But I did manage to calm myself long enough to wish one good luck when her kids get their education from privatized TFA zombies whose job descriptions will make sharecroppers and indentured look like they were Leona Helmsley. In honor of the apathy and stupidity I have witnessed today I will just shut off the comments because I couldn't care any fucking less what anyone thinks. 

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  1. I hear you Sean !
    TV stations never even mentioned the Chicago strike. The News was full of inconsequential nonsense,.
    .. and you had to listen to that bullshit in school today?
    I'm glad you didn't punch anybody...we need your input here and the kids need you in school.

    Not all the horses assez are on horses.