Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Does This Surprise Anyone?

Feds charge Philly charter school mogul in massive fraud

July 24, 2012|By Martha Woodall, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER
  • Dorothy June Brown founded 3 city charters.
A charter school mogul was charged today in a multimillion-dollar fraud case by the U.S. Attorney's Office.
Dorothy June Hairston Brown, who received accolades for students' test scores and gained notoriety for collecting large salaries and suing parents who questioned her actions, was indicted on multiple counts of wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering.
Brown, 75, and four executives from her charter schools, were charged with defrauding three charter schools of more than $6.5 million in taxpayer funds.
U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger announced that a federal grand jury had returned a 62-count indictment against Brown and four of her trusted employees.
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  1. This will be the norm sadly because of the corporate investment in charters. The same issue of fraud is beginning to take place with "online" schools as well.

  2. Dr. King's motley crew has spent two and a half million dollars on a group ( or "committee") whose function is to use forensic methods to ferret out cheating/ erasures/pencil variations ect. on the student answer sheets.Gotta find the supposed
    cheaters". Will they check Charter results with a microscope as well?
    Will he take action to audit the Charter Schools finances and make them submit their records? Will Charter school administrators and teachers ' salaries be publicised? Every Public School teacher and adminstrator's salary is public and on line.
    Do you like challenges?
    Try to find all Charter School teacher and administrator salaries. ( I found very few staff salary lists.) Generally this information is a big secret. Why? If they are "Public" everything should be "public".

  3. Did you see that bunch from K-12 INC. whose CEO paid himself 5 million while screwing the kids and his teachers out of the money given for each kid. He took in 6K put about 3K into teachers and whatever and pocketed the other half give or take. Hmmm fraud charges, doesn't want to be interviewed. What shitheads. And all we can do is keep showing them for what they aren't. They aren't reformers, they aren't teachers and they are NOT about the kids. They are the telemarketers of the 21st century but not enough of them have been caught up with. Give em time if nothing else and help them hang themselves. Greedy people always do.

  4. Peg I see Joy Pepper gives herself 98 K at Tapestry and Lynn Seagrave is down for another 87K. That takes pretty good care of them for starters. But our transparent and highly ethical friend Ephraim Martinez's slary is nowhere to be found at The Charter for Applied Sciences now is it ? His teachers salaries are all up there but somehow he doesn't seem to have to make his own public. Mitt Romney would be so proud. Are we going to start class warfare against him or something ? Priceless. I agree if it's a public school as they are forever telling us it is, then he needs to show his salary same as mine is shown. Funny how they are able to skirt the rules or make them up as they go huh ? look no further than our own dear Commissioner John King who had to have the minimum requirements LOWERED so he could drive the ship. It' s like wearing platform shoes to get on the roller coaster. If you don't have what os called for GO GET IT, Don't have your charter pals lower the bar for you. Look at the pathetic leadership you get when you break the rules.

  5. Efrain calls himself "Superintendent", so He probably gives himself about $200,000. He also describes himself as "one of the brightest minds in education"...on his "team" homepage.I guess we can believe him...if he says so.
    Then his expert "Efficient Schools Team" made up of himself and Eon Verall, sells the "eDoctrina" DVD program they designed.( I wonder if the Chameleons use parts of that program?)
    Curiously, how much would you have to pay yourself if you won't reveal your salary ?
    Sounds a little like Mitt...


    10:30 - 12:50 so true.

  7. I watched it anon but I am not sure I get your point

  8. teh charters have so many of " the brightest minds in education".. I have to wonder how he was selected